Custom Chat Filter in addition to Roblox Filter System

Hello again! I was wondering recently if I could have an additional chat filter script (with leaving the Roblox filter untouched!) as I do not only want inappropriate words to be tagged, but the author also to be punished, even though the message did not go through. I have heard of people getting warned or banned from Roblox because of swear words mentioned in scripts, although these would never be visible to anyone except from the developer.
What do you think about that? [If this question does not fit the scripting support area, please tell me where to ask instead] :slight_smile:

I’d let Roblox handle the filtering. There are too many variations of letters players can use to form profanity, and you wouldn’t want to punish a player for a false positive. If a player wants to bypass the filter-- they will find a way to do so.

Additionally, I believe obscene profanity is not allowed in scripts: “Developers should think of scripts as being subject to the same basic rules as the Developer Forum regarding language and decorum.”

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Please search before posting. There are threads asking about adding additional filters to support the default filter or for removing phrases you don’t want used in your game: yes, you are allowed.

Make sure you know the facts before believing what others say. Roblox will not moderate you for using profanity in your scripts, but you cannot have grossly inappropriate language or have that accessible to end users in any way shape or form.

Filters are permitted to deal in raw strings so long as the end result, if it ever gets shown to the player, is that it has been filtered eventually through Roblox’s chat filter.