Custom donation amount

Hey there!

Spent 1-2 hours today on making this “donate custom amount” function!

If you’ve any feedback/comments, feel free to leave them below!

Thanks for checking the post out!


You could try putting the robux thing more than once like calculate how much you’ll get so it gonna be that value, not always make a gamepass for a specific value, I recommend use dev products instead.

What do you mean by this?

Also, they already are dev products haha

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For example, player puts in 355 to robux but there’s only a dev product with 55 bobux and another one with 300, so prompt him these both dev products with a notice that he will get prompted with these 2 dev products

It would take alot of calculations and time to make it but that’s just my idea

Question, why is this more useful than a server that uploads a dev product that costs the right amount?

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Because he could want to donate specifically that value, you don’t wanna waste your time creating millions of dev products for each specific value.

That’s the point of my creation, it creates the dev product itself

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how did it do that, I wanna know!/v1

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This is very nice, and the fastest implementation of it I have seen! I was wondering, I understand it creates products for each amount, but does it have a method of looking for a product? So if a player wants to donate 21, but there is no product for 21, it creates it, but if the player wants to donate 34 and there is already a product for 34, it just charges them that one?

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I have used a database that saves the prices that already have been created connected to the correct developer product id, if such a developer product already exists, it receives back its id, if it doesn’t, a new developer product is created, and the id is sent back to roblox, where it in both situations, prompts the purchase

(P.S. “Ms. Paige” here, lol)


I’ll remember to notify you when/if I open source it!


I’m currently working on a public version for this (will contain a small fee that’ll be paid to me)


I have been putting this on “Remind me” to make sure I don’t miss this.

Also typing this here to show support and a continuing interest :slight_smile:

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Thanks for the support, however I’m not completely sure of my claim about making a public version of it - to make it simplistic and actually make profit (as i’m hosting it which isn’t free sadly) to cover the hosting, I had a concept of letting people pay for subscriptions for using this etc. thought through many possibilities, but in the end I ran into the clear big problem: People who know cookies can do damage but don’t understand how they work, thus aren’t able to trust me with their cookie (technically my code, not me, in my concept no cookies were cached, saved or anything like that), this causes that I’m not really able to work on a public version.

If you do happen to have any contrasting ideas that could change the situation, I would however, finish and publish a module that makes this possible.

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