Custom DPI Scaling

Recently, I got a laptop with a 4K display and a GTX 1070 to run it at native resolution. However, with Roblox studio, I need to choose between having Roblox studio be blurry with 250% zoom, having all my icons be small with 200% zoom, or having studio be too small with disabling DPI scaling. Custom DPI scaling would solve this issue.


I really hope the scaling will be better once the upgrade to Qt5 for the Studio UI is done.
Apparently it’s a big project.

PLEASE! @RBLX_Staff @RBLX_Intern
It’s for the sake of my eyesight. I used to be one of the better GUI designers on ROBLOX, now I gave up on GUI design because it’s been so bad for my eyes. I honestly used to enjoy GUI design so much and I want to get back into it. Really dumb sob story, but it’d mean the world to me if this was implemented.

Plus, what bothers me the most is that Mac OS already has this feature! It’s not that this is totally unheard of.

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If your eyes hurt you might want to see your optometrist


Can you please not (!!) tag in those groups? You just gave ~190 staff accounts, including the 99% of them not related to this issue, a notification.

Yeah perhaps it was dumb for me to do so, but I really want this to get admin attention.

Using those kind of group tags will desensitise people to notifications, that’s not beneficial for any of us.

“but I really want this to get admin attention” is not a valid reason to use those tags, the forum wouldn’t work if we acted that way all the time. The Studio team will look over this eventually, it’s not necessary to tag in everyone (not just the 1 person from Studio team that will look at this, but you also tagged 190 other accounts).

Yeah. My bad. I’ll probably refrain from doing that again.

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I would definitely refrain from it if it wasn’t clear enough, those tags really shouldn’t be used ever. Just tag a couple of people at most that you know have something to do with the feature/bug instead, if tagging anyone. (but here it’s not required because it’s in Studio Features anyway, it’ll be seen)

Are there any updates on this?
I don’t really think I can work in something this blurry