Custom Keyboard for PC VR

Currently, it is nearly impossible to type on PC VR properly as you will need to use an external keyboard (SteamVR, Oculus App, or using a physical keyboard) to be able to type. On top of this, it is impossible to use Backspace and Enter/Return while typing, making it impossible to correct mistakes and even send messages in chat.

I do hope Roblox does implement something to be able to type. For example, VRChat has a really nice interface that shows up that you can type in.

Possibly, having a VR keyboard accessible for PC VR users will be amazing to have and will make it possible to chat with other users. One of my cousins and I played VR together (me and PC and them on Quest 2 standalone) and only he was able to chat due to the Quest Roblox client bringing up his Quest keyboard. I had to relay what I wanted to say to others since him and I was in the same room.

Both he and I use the Quest 2, but only I have a PC capable of doing PC VR through Virtual Desktop and I want to make sure that both of us can easily play Roblox through text chat since we either don’t have VC or have it turned off for personal reasons.


I second this, I’ve personally never used VR with Roblox but I’ve also never liked being limited by platform compatibility considerations.


Would be nice to have some sort of native keyboard support so you can talk into your headset, and it will turn it into text. Typing in VR is painful to do, at least on my Oculus Rift.


Having a system to be able to use the mic on the VR keyboard would be good. I just didn’t mention it as I prefer typing on my headset (Speach-To-Text never works for me properly) and I didn’t think of that


Well, I was implying that maybe the Meta Quest software has a native VR keyboard support built-in and maybe it supports (or will support) voice typing.

Roblox making their own keyboard system will be a waste of time. It’s been made before already by Oculus.


It does on standalone! However, I am talking about PC VR as you cannot use the keyboard on the Quest. Both SteamVR and the Oculus app on PC are weird as Roblox doesn’t accept the enter key or backspace. There is no way to chat on PC VR without using an external keyboard, which is even more of a pain than SteamVR’s keyboard (which is bad enough already). The native Meta Quest app does have a keyboard, as I said in my post. It even supports voice typing!

PC VR doesn’t have a keyboard that works while in VR, making it impossible to chat. Roblox used to have a native keyboard for VR, but it was removed for unknown reasons. It was super buggy, but I was at least able to type in chat.

I do not want to have to take off my headset or go into my system menu just to be able to say maybe just a single sentence to someone. I had multiple people ask me what my verification checkmark meant while playing PLS DONATE and I was unable to even tell them or request them to look it up.

That is quite the opposite, actually. It would enable an easier experience for VR users to be able to type in-game in some sort of way. Even if it’s only for PC VR, it would be so useful for everyone. From Quest PC VR, to HTC VIVE, to even the Valve Index. Virtual Desktop users will be even happier as they don’t use the Oculus PC app at all.


I think this would also be nice to have on the standalone version too. The pointers in the Meta Quest menu (from the trigger at an angle) differ to the default Roblox ones (straight from the grip), so switching between them can be really off-putting. Not to mention the location of the native keyboard feels almost random sometimes.
The Meta Quest already has a native keyboard, but it would be nicer if Roblox had their own. It wouldn’t be a “waste of time” and I’m sure people who use both PC and standalone VR would appreciate it.