Custom Leaderboard Icons?

I’ve searched through the DevForum and tried to find some tutorials but I couldn’t find any that relate to what I’m looking for. What I’m trying to accomplish is to have a custom icon next to your name on the leaderboard. I’ve seen you can do it with a custom leader board but I don’t want this. The default icon, Cap is this, I want it to be changed, I’ve assumed I’d have to place a script or local script(s) somewhere in StarterPlayer but I’m just not sure what to do. On top of this the other thing I’m trying to do is have an icon similar to the above for alpha - testers that stays next to their name throughout servers. Any form of help is appreciated and if this is the wrong category for this question please let me know.
Thanks in advanced!


There is no way of placing custom icons on the default player list, which explains why there are no tutorial posts on how to change it and why most mention to use custom player lists.

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I’m pretty sure I remember seeing the code for that somewhere, I don’t remember when/how I saw it, but its a pretty simple process to how it actually works.

I’ve skimmed through the player scripts and I’m unable to find it again. I’m certain its a core script that cant be modified.

If you want to get this effect, you can simply make your own leaderboard system.

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I have answered this question before - provided a lengthy tutorial for it.

You can only utilise custom icons if you’re creating a custom leaderboard. If you aren’t making a custom leaderboard, you will be unable to change any icons.

This being said, you could fork the CoreScript responsible for the leaderboard. Put its contents into a LocalScript in your game, then modify it as you wish. Keep in mind that forking means that you won’t receive updates from the original branch, however you’ll be able to essentially reproduce the leaderboard with your own changes added.

The repository for Roblox CoreScripts is available here: GitHub - Roblox/Core-Scripts: All of ROBLOX's core client scripts.

You will have to edit a lot of it’s functionality, as LocalScripts do not run at the same context level as a CoreScript. An example is sending friend requests.


Do you mean something like this?

Images go here

Note before you say CreatorIcon does not work make sure to check if game.CreatorId is not set to 0


It would probably be helpful if you explained how you actually got there though. Showing how to replace an icon is one thing but you haven’t explained how to get there.

Cough, my response above yours.

If you want to have the same Leaderboard UI you should play the game go to CoreGui and then RobloxGui after that copy PlayerListContainer Frame


You still have to add the actual code that makes the UI function though. The CoreScript [that I linked] creates the leaderboard UI in itself. You simply need to fork the script and change the ids from there and hide the original leaderboard.

Why dont you want to use a custom leaderboard? You can make it look almost identical, and still add functionality such as adding friends and blocking players. If there is a specific reason for not wanting a custom leaderboard, please share it.

The best way to do that, is to make a custom leaderboard.
You can make it look like the original one + you can add more images for roles etc as for moderators in your game, admins etc.

Thank you all, just got done with school, I’ll go through and make a custom leader board.

I’ve checked the source of the leaderboard, as available in:
CoreGui -> RobloxGui -> Modules -> PlayerlistModule.lua. (When you don’t know how to see the CoreGui in Roblox Studio, open Settings (in Roblox Studio) -> Studio -> Explorer -> Show Core Gui in Explorer.)
The Leaderboard is requiring GuiService, and that’s only available in core scripts. Further, adding friends, following users and blocking users directly can only be done by core scripts.

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GuiService is not restricted to CoreScripts. Some social events can be facilitated via SetCore, though they don’t function exactly as the CoreScript leaderboard does for obvious reasons (these ones have confirmation prompts).

You can add friends add block players using setCore. It opens a prompt for the user to agree or disagree too. This is great for custom leaderboards and such. While you need to press 2 buttons instead of 1, the user normally has no problem with this. Obviously, for security reasons there has to be a y/n prompt. Other than that, custom leaderboards have the same functionality as the default one.

I’ll try to rewrite the leaderboard using the setCore service and let it work as a GUI.

How would I make it to be a group or user id?