Custom-Npc - Customizing npcs just got a lot EASIER!

Hello, I’m Gameboy and I’m happy to announce the release of Custom-Npc! A plugin I have worked long hours of scripting, fixing bugs and perfecting UI.

What and Why?

With a click of a button Custom-Npc allows users to create and customize their own npcs easily with a new fresh and clean user interface and more.

Using this plugin will help your workflow of creating npcs.


Here is what Custom-Npc has to offer:

  • Customize your rigs clothing (Accessories, shirts etc.)
  • Compatible with both R6 and R15 rigs
  • Able to change your rigs skin color
  • Easily add animations to your rigs
  • Able to save your custom rigs that you have designed at any time
  • Able to load your rigs into workspace with a click of a button
  • Simple and straight-forward UI Design
  • Easy to use


Here’s how you can use Custom-Npc to start creating your characters at ease.

Install Custom-Npc here!

Hope you guys enjoy this plugin! I worked very hard on it. I plan to add more features to Custom-Npc as time goes on. Feel free to send any questions, update ideas or anything really! :grin:

Updates List:


Looks great!

Looks like a cool and well-designed plugin!

Also, I like your voice! Keep it up with the videos :heart:


super well-designed plugin, with lots of features I haven’t seen others do before.
Great job with this, will definitely give it a shot


Finally! A easyinsert alternative that is updated! I’ll get it when i get robux. Will be using.


Theres a typo in this image:

  • Custom-Npc. (unnecessary period)
  • npc’s
  • alot

Cool plugin, but why should I use this instead of using random character?


because you can get a unfair character

like, I mean you can get this:


or even this

(he’s a nextbot in the game but I call him “bunny dude”)

while this one, you can create your own npc


Hey there, I just finished fixing my typos on the banner thanks for letting me know in the first place or I would have never known. :smile:

The difference between Custom-Npc and Meerzean’s Random Character Picker is his plugin just grabs a random character from roblox users. Custom-Npc on the other hand lets users customize their own npcs with the npc editor.

Just as @VSCPlays stated above.


I like the look of the bottom character


Found a thing! I dunno if it’s just me, but it’s bothering me.

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Must be a scaling issue on my side (Prob going to be changed in the next patch its a minor thing). You can still resize the window by moving the sides to rescale it to your likings though!

Update: Seems like a Roblox issue from what I’ve heard from others. I’ll try to see what I can do.

Custom-Npc V1.0.1 is now OUT!

Here’s what’s new:

  • Rescaled the plugin UI so it doesn’t look distorted on the first time opening it
  • Issues with the animations frame not showing all of the R15 animation packs has now been fixed
  • New and improved icons to provide a clearer understanding of their functions.

Hopefully you guys enjoy this update! :smile:


Custom-Npc V1.0.2 Bug Fix Update

Just fixed a small patch that seemed unintuitive.

  • I patched an annoying warning to users loading R15 characters into workspace without selecting any animations. Npcs still loaded in workspace but just thought about fixing it.

Also need to note that the plugins price has dropped from 175 to 150!

Enjoy! :smiley:

Custom-Npc V1.1.2, Search Bar!

  • A new feature has been added to Custom-Npc which helps you search for a character quickly in the saved characters list!

Here’s a quick example:

Work on the UI, then I may buy it.

Hey, what do you think I should change with the UI?

Its just confusing about what paintbrush does what tbh