Custom PlayerList [Supports: Teams/Leaderstats/Group Icons/Custom team order]

With Ellefire Studio’s PlayerList, you can elevate your gaming experience by seamlessly integrating all the familiar functionalities of the standard Roblox PlayerList, but with a personalized design touch. Ellefire’s PlayerList goes beyond, offering customization options such as leaderstats, showcasing the teams players belong to, and displaying player icons in the player list based on Roblox group ranks!

Moreover, starting from version 1.0.7, you have the power to define your own team hierarchy. For instance, you can arrange teams like placing “admin” below “moderator” or vice versa, providing you with greater flexibility and control over your gaming environment. :roblox_light:

To customize group icons, display leaderstats, and more, navigate to the Handler script. Inside, you’ll find the “Modules” folder and the “SettingsManager” module, where all available and essential settings can be easily configured.

If you encounter any issues or have questions, please leave your comments below this post, and we will do our best to assist you!


Does PlayerList support the mobile version?

Unfortunately, PlayerList is currently disabled for mobile users. Soon we will release an update that will support all devices, including mobile ones!

Can I contribute to the development?

Of course! Share what you are doing under this post and if you are interested in us, we will definitely contact you via DevForum messages

Is there a photo of what the PlayerList looks like?




What if the player's nickname or the value in leaderstats is longer than the UI?

We’ve taken care of this for you! If a team name exceeds 28 characters, you will now see “…” instead of the last 3 letters. Similarly, for player nicknames, we’ve set a limit of 20 characters. Additionally, when displaying numerical values in leaderstats, we’ve streamlined the presentation. Instead of showing the full number, it is now abbreviated; for example, 10,000 will be displayed as 10K. This ensures a cleaner and more concise representation of information.

Technical information

Current Version: 1.0.8
Link: EF_PlayerList - Roblox

  1. Added a check for the colors of commands and frames. If the color of the frame is light, then the color of the text and icons will be black, and if the color of the frame is dark, then the color of the text and icons will be white
  1. Now you can turn on the visibility of all teams in the game or by disabling this feature, players will see only those teams that have at least 1 player.
  2. Now you can set your teams order as you would like the teams to be in the list, for example, the Admin team under the Mod team or vice versa.

  1. Now the leaderstats in the PlayerList are arranged in alphabetical order to be sure that the value will be under its own name
  2. Added a 1 second delay before creating the player’s leaderstats
  1. Added a check for the length of the leaderstats text
  2. Added a check to return nil for the “FormatValue” function
  3. If a player does not have a team, then he will be placed in a separately created “Players” frame
  1. The ServiceManager, DataManager and UIManager modules have been updated
  1. Some functions have been redesigned into modules, such as Settings and others
  2. The UI design has changed a bit as has its dimensions

Now in settings/Leaderstats you can specify your own folder name, in the leaderstats location
Скриншот 12-09-2023 11.21.14

  1. Now the code can handle all the value base from leaderstats, not just intValue
  2. Now if the player is your friend then you will see the corresponding icon on against his nickname
  3. Numeric and text values are now processed. If the text is longer than 10 characters, then after 8 characters the text will be shortened by adding three dots

Custom playerlist published


looks awesome! one concern I have though is mobile support. is it disabled on mobile?


It’s optimized but not very good, therefore it is disabled for mobile devices


This is too cool I loved it more is it compatible with mobiles?


It’s optimized but not very good


I have nothing to say

other than the border being weird, and it doesn’t have mobile support

also why would you say “angry message” and used the :derp: discourse emote


i really like this style on this player list, thank you very cool!


It was just a joke, lol. And I’m already working on supporting the mobile version and will release an update soon


Wasnt there a different post for this, with a different model and border?


I decided to close that post to start from the beginning


Did you remake the whole entire model? Well done btw, I might use this.


I have created a separate model for the new version. The old version is no longer available for purchase


I’ve started to use it and now realize that the leaderboard is quite small. Especially for custom icons.


and it has quite a large noticeable gap between the side of the screen which can look strange for some people:



bud cant take a joke also relax a little and stop being so serious


Check again, it should be fixed now. I will work on the UI in more detail in the near future so that it is optimized for mobile devices


how do I detect if it’s a joke???

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A sarcasm detector batteries and dumb jokes not included


I am having issues with the group ranking icon system, It gets stuck at the code block in the screenshot below and wont go past

if roleInGroup and GroupRanks[roleInGroup] then

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The problem is that you need to replace the name of the table with the name of the rank from the group. And it is advisable to update the version of playerlist to 1.0.2

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When a player joins for the first time, their leaderstats aren’t visible until they get at least 1 point. While its not visible, the player’s name is moved to the middle of the playerlist. is this intended?

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