Custom PlayerList [Supports: Teams/Leaderstats/Group Icons/Custom team order]

Unfortunately, not. I’ve thought about it but I wasn’t going to do it yet

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This is really cool, my only question is if it works with console aswell

What do you mean by talking about the console?

it is awesome! one small problem, the leaderstats are not correctly displayed for all players
works well for some, but not for new players who join

Well, the default leaderboard isn’t the same on console. You’d have to open the menu and then check the leaderboards from there, but you have to close it afterwards. With the menu closed you can only see your name and stats with values. I was wondering if this would simply display on the screen like normal for console players instead of having to open a temporary menu to check it.

What is your version playerList? It must be specified in the handler script

Unfortunately, this is not fully optimized for phones and Xbox consoles. You have the source code and you can try to do it yourself, but I will try to optimize it for all devices in the near future

  Version: 1.0.5

This is the version

Hmm… strange. I know that this error was in the first version. Try reinstalling the model

did it, didn’t fix anything, still the same problem

at the moment I’m in a different city and don’t have access to the studio to solve this

The issue was resolved by updating PlayerList to version 1.0.6

I did what you wanted :wink:

Appreciate it ur the best frr.

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