Custom Rig arms not working with default animations

I’m not sure where to put this topic on, but it seems more fitting for this category, nonetheless let me know if it’s the wrong one.

For the sake of teaching myself how morphs and rigs work, I grabbed a random Freddy model from the toolbox and started to rig it with the information I learned from this video.

  • I gave each MeshPart an individual name so it doesn’t interfieres when animating.
  • The main parts of the Custom Rig matches the names of the 1.0 R15 Humanoid.

Using RigEdit I added the proper welds and Motor6D to bring the model to life.

Everything on it works perfectly fine except for two things, the lower arms and hands.
The lower arm details are welded directly into both arms, however, they don’t seem to interfiere with the humanoid movement.
The fingers on the model are also welded, but no interference either.
I’ve tried to rig the arms in different order, but I had no luck.

For reference, this is how the full skeleton looks like, along with how I setup the welds and Motor6D’s:
They work perfectly fine in the animator, unless I import the R15 default animations that somehow break the arms.

I also got across this post that seems to have a similar if not the same problem I’m having, sadly no one answered. Hopefully I’ll have more luck posting it myself.
Thanks in advance to anyone who tries to help me.


Kon’nichiwa again! :bowing_woman:t2:
Using RigEdit, the direction of the part matters when creating a joint between two parts.
The Freedy Rig’s LeftLowerArm and RightLowerArm MeshParts likely do not match the same direction.

After being invited to your test game to check it out I believe this is the issue.
This is why your rig can animate but you cannot properly utilize the animations.

Here is an image example of what I mean:
Red = Front.
Green = Left.
Cyan = Top.

But on your Freddy rig.

  1. Red = Front.
  2. Green = Left. (But it’s on the bottom of the MeshPart.)
  3. Cyan = Top. (But it’s on the Left of the MeshPart.)
  • You could fix the mesh.
  • Create a custom animation for these parts.
  • You can also use an invisible replacement part that is facing the right direction. Then weld the freddy lower arm to that stand in part.

It is not an issue with your animating its just an issue with the Joint created due to the difference in part direction.