Custom Rig is at different heights for clients & server

Hi! I’ll put some of the relevent information about my issues here.

Context: I’m creating a modded version of ACS/BCWS for a custom rig that I created.

Issue: The player model is sunken into the ground on the server side, but appears just fine on the client side.

Client Sides Situation A (2 players)

Server Side Situation A

So I initially thought it was a problem with humanoid.hipheight but I’m not entirely sure.

I tried fixing the serverside view by adjusting the hipheight for both players to 4.3 (From their original value of 3 which was set inside of startercharacter)

After Edit: (Server left side, clients right side)

I think it goes without saying, but my problem is that I need them to be on the same level for client AND server, but they are presently not. If any extra information is needed, contact me on discord at: @apd435#2477

Thanks in advance!

Edit: Yes, I have fiddled with humanoid.hipheight. The problem is that it appears different on client & server, and that humanoid hipheight is replicated to both (I think)


Hi, did you try changing something called HipHeight? It’s a property of the Humanoid: image

It’s the distance between the ground and the HumanoidRootPart, you can add a part and scale it from the floor to the HRP (HumanoidRootPart) and add then take the Y axis from the size and paste into the HipHeight property.

If this did not change anything, you can try changing it and testing every time until it works

I hope I answered your question!

Thank you,


Hi! Thanks for responding.

I did change humanoid.HipHeight as I mentioned in my post.

I tried fixing the serverside view by adjusting the hipheight for both players to 4.3 (From their original value of 3 which was set inside of startercharacter)

However, this was not the cause of the issue, at least to my deductions. Adjusting the humanoid hipheight on server/client would fix the issue on one end, either the server, or one of the clients, but not for both of them. As I’m creating a multiplayer game, this isn’t an option.

1- Did you make sure there are no transparent (invisible) parts?
2- Try uncolliding some parts and see if it’ll work.

Could you provide some code? I can’t really think of a reason for this to happen besides faulty code.

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1 - Yes, I’ve confirmed that there are no parts inside of my StarterCharacter that are invisible aside from the HumanoidRootPart.

2 - I tried disabling CanCollide for all body parts except for the humanoidrootpart, and still the issue persists.

2.5 - I also tried disabling CanCollide for the humanoidrootpart as well, but no luck

Yes, of course. I can provide code. There’s an inordinate amount of scripts, however, so it might be as tough as looking for a needle in a haystack if I’m going to be looking for things that cause the issue. Do you know if there is anything in particular I could search all scripts for?

(Note, I already tried searching all scripts for Hipheight, but nothing in my scripts actually changes that value, so it can’t be that.)

Actually, now that I think about it, one way I could check if it’s a script related error is by bringing it into a fresh studio.

Also, I’m having a hard time figuring out if the client sees all other players in the ground and itself on top or if the client sees itself in the ground and all other players on top of the ground.

The client sees all other players in the ground, and itself normally.

So that would be your first guess.

You were right about it being a faulty script. So, to my knowledge, I think it should be a script that is adjusting the player’s client to look correct, however that change is not replicating to the server?

These are the results of loading startercharacter into a fresh baseplate

Both clients ^^

Server ^^

I’ve found the script that is causing the issue. It’s a localscript. I’ll look into it.

Well, one solution I can think of that may seem a bit hacky is you could adjust the hip height accordingly on the server and lower the player’s height on the client. (I don’t know if that makes sense to you I’m kind of having a hard time explaining what I mean)

Yes, I understand what you mean. That solution had crossed my mind as well. One thing I was considering, though, was that someone told me that humanoid properties are replicated to the client and server when changed.

Make sure you are changing the hipheight on the server if you are using a script to change it

Also make sure there are no other client scripts changing your hipheight ingame, here is how you can check

Press ctrl + shift + f in studio, then in the find box type “HipHeight” then it should come up with all scripts that have “HipHeight” in them

Yeah, the thing that threw me off about it was that when I checked the workspace explorers for clients AND servers, the values for hipheight were all the same. I think looking down the rabbit hole of hipheight and hipheight fixes might be unproductive, since it’s a scripting issue- probably.

Hmm, maybe try cloning your character into a completely empty baseplate and see if it works

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Actually, that’s what I just did haha!

These are the results of loading startercharacter into a fresh baseplate

I’m looking through the script that is causing the issue at the moment.

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Are you able to send the rig(s) in dms? You don’t have to but I can look through it

Yeah, sure. Where can I send it to you?