Custom rig slides in movement direction

I’m having a problem with a custom rig that I’m making. Whenever the character walks, it moves very slowly and then slides forward in whichever direction it’s being moved towards.

I looked this up on the forum and most people recommended changing the hip height as a solution, but neither increasing or decreasing the hip height solved the problem or even changed the sliding whatsoever.

I’d really appreciate it if somebody could help me


Do you have the Meshes or Parts of the model with a large mass, or Massless? Changes in Density of a Humanoid physics can do weird things with player movement.

Are you using a custom movement system, or the standard Humanoid moving system?

Hi, thanks for the reply! Each mesh from the rig has a mass that ranges from 0.05 to 8.5 (so basically I don’t think they’re overly heavy). I’m also just using a regular humanoid movement system with a starter character and r6 animation script.

I played around with the density of the meshes and humanoid root part and it didn’t change the sliding at all.

I wonder if it’s because your Mesh Densities are different. I know Roblox physics sometimes has issues with Parts joined with Constraints.
If they’re all the same Density then I have no clue.

I believe I found the solution… Having the same issue… So, when importing, you had to scale the model significantly smaller, right? Mine is currently 0.01 and slides just like your model. Whenever I scale it back to 1 it moves perfectly fine, however, is gigantic. Still working on a way to fix the scaling because seemingly in Blender, there’s no way to import the character at a reasonable size even scaling it down in blender for some reason?

This is exactly the solution. So, what I did, since I scaled my model down to 0.01, in Blender, I went and scaled it down with S, and changed each axis to 0.01 then reimported and rigged it. The scaling is the reason your character slides. It fixed the issue when I scaled it down before importing.


You’re right, this just fixed the issue with my rig. This should be marked as the solution.

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