Custom Rigs and Animations from Blender

I’ve been testing and playing around with custom rigs on blender recently and I’ve been able to learn how to import custom models with there respective rigs. But I came into some obstacles that I have questions about.

Mainly I want to know if it is even possible to import custom rigs (with IK constraints) from blender to Roblox, and if I am able to bring animations from blender to Roblox to their respective rig.

Usually when I bring a rig form blender when it has IK constraints it doesn’t show the bones at all.

this in turn made me think if I was doing something wrong.

Looking more into it I discovered this plugin, which made it possible for me to import Rigs and their models to blender. But I came to the conclusion that the plugin for blender only appears when a model imported from Roblox itself (I was not able to just use my custom model and rig I made in blender).
I thought I could trick the system by bringing the blender rig and model first into Roblox, then use the Roblox plugin to export that into Roblox, but that didn’t work lol

This is a summary of what I tried, if I’m doing something wrong or if there is a easier way to
bring custom rigs and animations to Roblox from blender please let me know.


We have a solution thanks to this amazing gentleman


Hi, have you managed to import the IK bones since?