Custom RNG Kit, random values

Okay so basically I an trying to make a sol’s RNG kit and I’ve been pretty successful although I have one ongoing issue which somehow no one out of the hundreds of users have seen/realised.

local module = {
	{Name = "Rare", OneIn = 1000, TextColor =, 0.5, 1)},
	{Name = "Bruh", OneIn = 3, TextColor =, 0.741176, 0.529412)},
	{Name = "Dark Knight", Cutscene = 1, OneIn = 10000, TextColor =, 0.34902, 0.34902), AuraFont = Enum.Font.Cartoon},

return module

As you can see, I’m 90% sure it’ll be impossible to calculate these chances and if one is 1 in 3 that should mean a 0.3333 chance to get it, so 1 in 3 rolls although that would need a counter balance, weather that’s spread over a few auras or just one so for example we could add 2 more that are also 1 and 3 and it would work but if we add one that’s 1 in 2 then it wouldn’t work as the total of 1 / (1 / the values added together doesn’t) ~= 1 which I’m pretty sure it should be. Maybe I’ve got the maths wrong but I want this to be easy to understand for new scripts and people that don’t know maths to add new chances and auras.

Is there any good options to fix this issue or any other ideas on how to calculate the chances. Or maybe another approach to the situation.


maybe a weighted luck system would help you?


It would be good although sadly my viewers want to set the chances to “OneIn = 10” (would be 1 in 10 and 10%) but I don’t think there is a possible way to do it unless they know they would have to balance it with something equal to 90%

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So I threw together a quick rng script if you have questions about it feel free to ask

local replicatedStorage = game:GetService("ReplicatedStorage")
local remote = replicatedStorage:WaitForChild("Roll")

local chances = { --Better rolls or higher chance rolls should be below the worse one
	{"Common", 1}, --{The name is "Common", 1 in 1 chance of getting it}
	{"Good", 3}, --{The name is "Good", 1 in 3 chance of getting it}
	{"Uncommon", 5}, --{The name is "Uncommon", 1 in 5 chance of getting it}
	{"Rare", 10} --{The name is "Rare", 1 in 10 chance of getting it}

local function getRoll()
	local bestRoll
	for i = 1, #chances do
		local ran = math.random(1, chances[i][2])
		if ran == 1 then
			bestRoll = i
	return bestRoll

	local roll = getRoll()
	print(chances[roll][1].." 1 out of "..chances[roll][2])

This should fix your issue because now there is a guarantied roll no matter what.