Custom smooth terrain material

I’ve been using the smooth terrain for a while now, mainly for small places or unique biomes.
But I started to work on an open world map, which has several biomes next to each other and that is a big problem with the smooth terrain.

For exemple:
here the grass color is fine, even if I would prefer something more like the tree leaf’s color.

But here I can’t nicely fit pine trees with that vibrant / saturated green.

So thats why I would like to request, a custom smooth terrain material system.
Or more properties to have a better landscape / terrain.

This custom smooth terrain material could just be few color variants of each materials, something similar to this for exemple:

Also being able to choose the color ousleves with a Color3 value would be amazing.

So that is my only concern for now about the material’s color, theres just not enough freedom and we can’t really make open world with various good looking biomes.

Then if we can push it further, being able to import our own texture maps (height, normal, diffuse… well whatever is used here :stuck_out_tongue: ), would be more than fantasic !
And if we keep going this way, why not a new item in the library which would be “smooth terrain texture”, something we could share like any models.

I hope you’ll find that interesting, and get some support here !!
thanks !


This would really be helpful for my new game! :smiley:

Agreed :smiley:


giv pls


Ooh! :pray:

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Color painting for materials was already planned but didn’t get enough support surprisingly enough (it gives us a ton more materials e.g. black salt for volcanic sand). You’d have to ask @zeuxcg for a status. I hope it’s getting high on the priority list, because color is the major reason I haven’t been using smooth terrain as much as I would like.


wtf is wrong with people

As for OP:

The amount of times I’ve considered simply not using smooth terrain because of the lack of material control is insane. I’d rather use it over parts, because it’s considerably easier and faster, but the lacking preset materials (where I may be able to alter it with BrickColor on a part) is driving me insane.

If anything, I’d also like an easy way to customize the way terrain merging is handled as well (i.e. how rocks are jagged, but grass is smooth)


Yeah, it’d be sweet to get cobblestone/etc to conform to land better for paths (namely for non-straight)

SUPPORT :ok_hand::ok_hand: :fire: :fire: :100:

Yeah I was about to make a post similar to this one. I definitely support this!

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I think Roblox needs to find a way to revamp their material system to something beyond Enums before they can introduce a feature like this.

In the long run it’ll make things cleaner than they would be to hack this on top of the existing system.


black sand

this is a feature we need! Smooth terrain can improve with this update

Yes. This feature is needed badly.

In the mean time why not just change the saturation of the texture for the leaves?

I thought of this same thing. It is something that is very needed since smooth terrain is very plain.

support …a bit late tough

This is a client feature. Please move the thread.



Agreed. I’ve been needing something like this for creating craters in the trenches; mortars leave a dark tint behind after they hit and the Mud material doesn’t quite make the cut:

What I’ve done to kinda make up for this is I’ve started using Color Corrections. These allow for a bit more definition on the textures. Example:

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I think about this every time I open Studio.
I would like the design of my maps to be dictated by my vision, not the other way around.

The flavor of my recent games is strictly chaperoned by what I can do with Smooth Terrain. The recent BasePart.Color property has really helped me to blend my environments, however, I am still confined to the default terrain color palate if I want my foliage, rocks, and other natural elements to look a part of the world.

Terrain materials should be given the flexibility to match. :pray:

I don’t think I have to mention all of the unique environments that could be created with red Sand or green Rock, :star_struck:


Even just a color3 value you could edit on existing materials would be nice, like choose a material, and a color3, then build