Custom StarterCharacter randomly wont respawn when dying to the void

In my game, if the player dies in the void, there’s a chance they wont respawn. The void appears to delete the characters body parts, but keeps all non physical aspects of the model. Does anyone know why this happens? It doesn’t happen all the time. What’s the solution? Have a script check for the humanoidrootpart and to respawn it if it doesn’t see it?


At the void which is referred to as the “FallenPartsDestroyHeight”, you can find this property under “workspace”. All parts are destroyed.


What you should do is clone the StarterCharacter before applying it, that way if the player falls into the void (and the StarterCharacter is destroyed) only the clone will be destroyed and not the original StarterCharacter model itself.

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Maybe I’m misunderstanding the solution you’re trying to provide, but I don’t think this will work.

Right now I’m just overriding the default roblox starter character with my own. The character is only replicated when the player loads in. My issue is with the character not respawning when dying to the void

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Oh, just call “LoadCharacter()” if they fall below that Y axis value (500 is default). I’m not sure why you’re failing to respawn.

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If your character’s Humanoid has RequiresNeck as false, and you fall into the void, the game will not deem it as death, therefore it wont respawn you. So turn RequiresNeck on, or detect when the Head/HumanoidRootPart has been deleted, then :LoadCharacter() on the server.

You probably have a ragdoll system or something similar playing with RequiresNeck.

Sometimes, falling into the void deletes all of your character’s parts, but not the model itself. I’d check for child removed, or humanoid.Died which works for me when it comes to the void.