Customiseable & Advanced Overhead Rank

I’ve released the V2 of this titled ‘Rankify’, with a lot more safety features as well as running overall faster.

As of 20/02/2023, this is deprecated and discontinued. You can still use it if you want:

Version 1

:wave: Introduction

Hello, developers! I’ve designed an easily yet intimately customiseable, responsive and advanced Overhead GUI designed for businesses like hotels and groups. If you are interested, read on!

:sparkles: Features

Whilst being easy to understand and edit for both new and experienced scripters, it comes with a lot of cool features:

Check them out!
  • Badges The script comes with badges which you can enable for a player upon an event, such as a premium badge if they have Roblox Premium or a shield for your MRs. It utilizes a centered UIListLayout to ensure that it’s centered at all times.

  • Easy at a glance The script heavily relies on variables (unless you don’t want it to and want to get even more advanced) so you can fill in some numbers or yes/nos and be on your way with an amazing overhead system.

  • Rainbow Nametag Give your supporters who own a specific game pass access to an animated rainbow nametag and stand out from the crowd.

  • Modular Disable anything you don’t want down to the bone.

  • Debug Logging For new devs, editing the script may run you into a problem or to. Use debug print logs to find out where that problem is. (You can turn this off!)

:arrow_down: Download

This model is available publicly on the Marketplace for free as a model.
Download it here:
Overhead System! [OLD] - Roblox

Steps on how to make it work are located inside the script.

:warning: Support

Having trouble or want tips on how to make your GUI better? Or maybe you want to give me some suggestions? No worries. Contact me in this topics replies or on Discord: chris;#9999 (UPDATED)


You should not use strings for font types, use enums

Also allowing us to toggle what prints into the output would be nice, or the client will be cluttered with words.

But overall nice work, I would have never thought of something like this.


This seems pretty cool.

I’ll definitely check it out

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Theres a boolean value to toggle them all off/on together, but if you’re wanting to toggle each one seperately that may be something I can add however it may clutter the script scaring off new devs.

Is it possible for you to instead of making it “minimum” for these

MinManagementRank = 65 --The minimum rank of what you deem Management/MRs

MinDevRank = 200 --The minimum rank of what you deem developers

MinLeaderRank = 255 --The minimum rank of what you deem game owners / presidents, etc.

to a list of which ranks. Because I’m ranked as the owner, 255, and I get all those badges. Kind of excessive in my opinion.

You can add an if statement inside of the management badge, so like:

if plr:GetRankInGroup(GroupID) > MinMgmtRank
if plr GetRankInGroup(GroupID) < 255

That would only play the code when all statements are met, and make sure to make it the correct language as i’ve just typed this up quickly on my phone.

I also didnt use ENum as the name text label can not support multiple fonts whereas richtext can.

You can also do what you said (a list) using or in the code.

if plr:GetRankInGroup(ID) = 10 or if plr:GetRankInGroup(ID) = 14

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This is amazing, I will use it for my cafe! Thank you so much!

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Awesome! I’ll be using this for the new Cafe that I am currently working on.

By any chance will this script/system get updated ever for new features or if there were to be an issue that breaks the script?

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Mhm! I’m actively available to work on it. I believe it’s great for now and there isn’t any new features needed/bugs to be fixed but if you have any ideas feel free to let me know.

Alright! Everything seems to be perfect! The only small suggestion I had is to change the icons. The star and the premium logo are perfect but the shield and the pickaxe I don’t think players would know what they mean, I’m only guessing the pickaxe is what you get if you’re a developer? and the shield is for admins maybe

This seems amazing!!
One thing that most overhead ranks lacks on is group rank configuration. If this module has this then this will be amazing and I would definitely use it.

One feature you should also take into account is when someone walks far away they can still see their overhead rank so if there a feature so you can’t see guis all over your screen that be amazing.

And another suggestion your Discord tag is out of date.


Just found a big issue with this script/system… If a player does not have a display/nickname then their overhead will not show.

Hi Lancmo,

I’ve noticied this issue. I’m working on fixing it now.

I’ll publish it but you’ll need to re-add the script into the game.

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Hi, I’ve updated my tag.

You can head into the GUI instance and change the MaxDistance property to something like 150.

You can find some nice icons on Flaticon. Download them and publish them to Roblox, and you cna just change the imageIDs of the badges.

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This is really cool! How do I make a custom badge that works for certain players. I want to make a server boost icon for the people who do boost. Idk if theres a way to automatically make it show up or if not a way where I can just type the usernames of the people who do

youll have to make booster apis and set up a discord bot. a lot of work unless youre a highly advanced both lua scripter and python/dsicord programmer.

anyways, you can add a new image in the badges list and change that to a booster icon.

Debug Logging For new devs, editing the script may run you into a problem or to

It’s two not to, but seriously this is a great project, will def use this within my work(with credit)

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