Customizable character...?

Hello, fellow developers.

So yesterday, I couldn’t solve my dilemma. Can someone help me?

What do I want?
Well, I want customize hero. And I don’t mean like customize it in-game. I mean like the roblox (studio) conception. I know I can make it truly made by me, but I want special items from the roblox catalog to be on that hero. And it is too expensive to buy the items, wear them and them insert my avatar.

What I tried?
I bought a few items. But I need to make 16 characters in my game. I cannot afford it.

Where do I search for solutions?
Only on YouTube. You guessed, I didn’t find nothing. So I am asking in this forum.

Thanks in advance!


Hi @Gooooogle42,

Have you tried using the toolbox version people made? For example, if you want the ‘‘Shaggy’’ hat, you can search that in the toolbox. Some can be used.

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Sure, I tried, but that method eats a lot of time and is unpractical for me. Also, some of the items I want aren’t in the toolbox. But thank you that you replied.

Look at this resource Catalog Inserter Plugin