Customizable minimum chunk-render distance for StreamingEnabled


Question for smart game devs:

  • In the meantime, can I work around this problem by using low-brick-count models of islands?
  • They would have to be positioned still within ~50 studs, but constantly be repositioned and resized with a 3D gui positioner, right? Or is there a better way to signify an unrendered island is 100 studs away?
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Gif of it in action (10 graphics, good hardware, good connection)

[quote] Gif of it in action (10 graphics, good hardware, good connection)
-snip- [/quote]

Could you make that brighter? I couldn’t easily tell what you were trying to demonstrate, other than fancy text :stuck_out_tongue:


This is getting kind of silly lol

Streaming has always been bad :confused: It’s not uncommon to fall through the map because your spawn area didn’t load due to streaming.

Heh well my game floats you to around 135 y with a bodyposition if you get too low. Thank you for reporting that falling through the map issue though, because I might not’ve noticed that until too late if I were to enable streaming in a different oceanless place.

You say that you have your place split into different areas (e.g. the ocean, the highland, etc) – have you though about subdividing those areas into chunks and doing a custom streaming thing? If your game is FE, that shouldn’t be very difficult to do.