Customizable PIN Actions


As a Developer a lot of users try and break into our accounts all the time. The few time these malicious users are successful can be devastating. We always hear about people having their Robux stolen, Limiteds traded off and more. But there really is no counter measures in place.

My Idea:

My solution for most of these issues is what I call a selected PIN action. This would be a complex solution where users can have some of the following to protect different assets such as but not limited to Robux, Limiteds and more.

For the customizable pin they can have their own individual PIN so if the malicious user finds your PIN you’ll have even more to go through. (If the user only wants one PIN they can choose so.) Each of these PINs can be assigned for different assets.

For the PINs not only can you decide what PIN is used to do what, you also can decide what has a PIN. I feel like this is important because some users might not want to protect their games/places with a pin… Therefore, they shouldn’t be forced to and can uncheck it so no PIN is required.

PINs can be used on:

  • Robux: Any form of transactions, purchases, group payouts, etc.
  • Editing a place: This means editing the game, overwriting the game and changing its settings.
  • Changing Library Assets: Any sort of overwriting, changing the settings and listing for sale (For plugins sale price).
  • Changing Asset Prices: Including but not limited to game-passes, clothing and more.
  • Selling Limiteds.


Pretty much I’m here requesting more customizable uses for PIN(s) where users can more easily protect their assets. This is pretty much my idea, please let me know if you have any ideas or feedback on this. Thanks so much!..


In my opinion having several separate pins would do more harm than good. People would set 5 different pins to feel “secure” and then forget them or confuse them, effectively locking themselves out with no ability to reset it (other than maybe contacting support).

Perhaps instead of introducing separate pins, having the option to apply the already existing one to specific actions would be a better idea?


This is an extra layer of security for developers. A very simple feature can bring so much safety!
We definitely need this. This prevents reputation damage when you’re hacked and the hacker was able to get around the F2A.


So as I’ve stated users can select one or more pins.

Yes, we would like to add specific actions such as the ones I listed below.


Pretty much I’m here asking for the feature where people can make one or more pin and assign them to different tasks therefore locking their account with more secure countermeasures.