CustomTeams | Create custom teams with special features!

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Alright now into the main topic!


Custom Teams!

You might be asking: Why did you add a custom teams module if there’s already Teams.
Basically, you can’t really do much with the normal teams. So the best way to add more to it, is by adding a new one!

I’ve planned stuff for the module for example: IsLocked. If the team’s Attribute (IsLocked) is set to true, then no players can join in. (The attribute is in the Folder, except I just haven’t worked out with that part yet.)

Don’t worry! This module will not only be based off of my ideas, but your suggestions as well! Really looking forward to your amazing ideas!


API / Documentation

Update Log


It’s free to use, so no worries!

Hope this helps!

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If there are any bugs, please let me know! I’ll fix them as quick as possible!


Looks interesting, but I can’t figure out how to use it.

I am not good with module scripts so that’s probably why.

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This sounds great! I’d say, consider making a documentation, as that would really help.

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Looking through the code you’re not really doing anything that normal Teams can’t,
you can already add players into a team by setting their team property to the team instance, and if you need to keep track of players you can always call Team:GetPlayers() or listen for Team.PlayerAdded and Team.PlayerRemoved events if you want to go fancy.


Can you give a tutorial or a video demo explaining what it does :+1:

People really think they can’t do the thing, but they are more better than they think!

It was my fault that I didn’t include the Instructions part, my bad :sweat:. Anyways it should be there now!

Reply to @HedTB_Dev

Of course! I might not get time until Sunday, but I’ll try my best to add it today if possible!

Reply to @Marimariius

Thanks for the suggestion! I will answer your question in a video!

Reply to @hypnoticrunner12

Sure! It might take 1 or 2 days!

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Hey! Added API / Documentation for CustomTeams! Thanks for reminding me about it, @HedTB_Dev!

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I’d go for for Team:GetPlayers() but I won’t go for Team.PlayerAdded or Team.PlayerRemoved, since when calliing, it basically returns the team folder. And there are already similar functions to it, for example: Team.ChildAdded and Team.ChildRemoved. But, still thanks for giving the suggestion!

Edit: I might go for PlayerAdded and PlayerRemoved since sometimes people might add other instances to the teams’ folder.

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Added Update Log as well! Should be in the OP!

what are the special features


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Currently working on them! Might take some time since I’m working on another project! But I’ll try to get them out ASAP!

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could u explain the capabilities of this better in this post itself so tht i cn get a better idea of why i should use this since there are many team systems already out there