Cutscenify | Cutscene Editor for Studio

All my problems were fixed! Great plugin.

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Great! Glad to hear that. :smiley:


About to release v1.1.2. Release Notes will be listed when released.


Man is there A Discord Server for this plugin?


I am able to see preview bricks in Solo mode. I dont think it is supposed to be working that way


There will be a Discord server soon!


A bug fix for that will release either today or tomorrow.

I’m probably just very ignorant but how do you delete an existing cutscene?

That hasn’t been added yet, but will come in a future update.

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I currently having some issues with it right now, I’ve added a Point, and I pressed preview currently, I cant move my screen.

Try changing the Camera’s CameraType to Fixed. The plugin should do this automatically next update.

This is the EXACT plugin I was searching for in the past two years.

Sure, there is Clonetrooper1019’s cutscene editor, but it really didn’t have some of the features that I like since it’s too old.

For safety purposes, this is the right plugin I mentioned about if anyone reads this comment:

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Yeah, I tried it in a couple of my games, it’s very good and has multiple options!

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Cutscenify v1.1.2 is now out!

Release notes for v1.1.2


Added counterfeit detection system. (PENDING)
Added ability to return to player when cutscene starts & ends. (LIVE)


Fixed a bug where you could only look one way. (PENDING)
Fixed another bug where cutscene Points would be visible when not editing the cutscene. (LIVE)


Changed the ‘Insert’ button’s icon to make it more relevant. (LIVE)


Hi! Nice plugin, useful for cutscenes, but since we are talking about Cutscenes, i want to give some suggestions:


Useful when doing animations.

Sound Effects:

A way where we can insert sound effects when we reach a certain point of the cutscene.


A way to add animations, same as Sound Effects, the animation will play/stop when we reach a certain point of the cutscene.

Nice plugin! Thanks for helping.


To make the plugin better, I think you should more options that’d be more useful.

Such as:

  1. Rigging and Animations.

By my opinion, if you put rigging material, like adding a way to rig a character would be helpful, and this would be super great if the plugin had a way to animate the rigs that have been rigged in cutscenes.

  1. Imported Animations (Animations made by a 2nd party 3D software)

Try putting in Blender to Roblox animations importer so it can be easier to get in high-quality animations for the use of the suggested feature as in 1.

  1. Audio

An audio option would be great for voice-overs, music, and different kinds of tracks for the use of cutscenes!

  1. GUI Inserter

Make a way for people to use GUI’s in a cutscene such as subtitles in a specific length of a cutscene without making a script for it.

That’s it I guess, this is just what I think should be added to the plugin, it’s what I prefer and some does too. Please add these, I’d appreciate it!


Great work! I’ll use this for my new upcoming game. Will recommend it.

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I really like the Plugin! It is very useful, but sometimes I get the wrong angle point and I am not sure how to change it and edit that point, is their a way? Like I sometimes make mistakes and I don’t know how to edit the point.

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I’ll be adding that feature in the next update. :slight_smile:


I think making an insert option for loading screens or from npc dialogs would be cool too.

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