Cylindrical constraints problem

I have recentry made a really nice engine that is fully working without any problems, but the problem was that it is very basic. Here is what it looks like:

Then I tried to make it more realistic:
i made a realistic piston component
But when I used the same technique with the constraints I have met a problem: models don’t have constraint grid. So I made invisible cylinders (AttachPoint) which can’t collide anything and I welded them to the models, adding no collision constraints between the rod and every other model it collides and added hinges between the cylinder head’s pin AttachPoint - rod’s upper hinge AttachPoint and rod’s lower hinge AttachPoint - crankshaft’s AttachPoint which made a really nice effect:

When I tested it I saw that it works just fine and it’s time for the cylinder head’s upper AttachPoint to be connected to the anchored AttachPoint on the floor via a cylindrical constraint just as how i did on the other engines:

But then something unexpected happend:
the cylinder is stuck in this position

I put the motor to inf torque but nothing… it was still glitched. I also double checked the cylindrical if it has any limitations or differences comared to the other cylindrical… Idk what else can I do for now so please help me! Here is a link to the game itself: Project Engines: RPM [Test Place] - Roblox

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Since I’m not too familiar with Cylindrical Constraints, the only thing I would recommend is repeatedly retracing your steps, and making sure you absolutely didn’t do anything wrong.

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Sorry for my late reply, but I had internet issues. However let’s move to your comment: I did basically the same thing that I did to the other engines repeatedly, carefully looking at every detail, but for some reason the constraint was still glitched. However I found out that it has a limitation even though I have disabled it.