Dark line across the middle of screen (Ambient Occlusion bug?)

I have this bug where I get a dark, horizontal line across the middle of my screen. It happens in all games I’ve played. It seems to get lighter and go away as I zoom out or move my camera to certain angles. It only happens at graphics level 10 for me. Several other people also have this bug. It seems to have started today.

I did a poll in my server. Out of 200+ people who answered: about 38% said they have encountered this bug, and the other 62% said they have not encountered this bug.


Links to the above games:


It has been happening to me in Roblox Studio too. I think it’s because of the Ambient Occlusion update, since that was released today to the public.
It happens to parts, as well.


You beat me to it. I was just writing up a bug report for this. This is connected to the new HBAO (Horizon-Based Ambient Occlusion) that was turned on today. It only impacts graphics level 10, since that’s the only graphics level where HBAO is enabled.

We immediately began receiving reports about this happening in Vesteria.


I also experienced this in multiple games.


This is also happening to me, It is also present in studio and seems to follow the camera rather than parts. Altough moving it around fades the line in and out.

Images of the line in Studio on an empty baseplate as i move camera slightly.


I noticed the line is vertical in Studio, but horizontal while playing games Actually nvm that, it just went horizontal in Studio, although it was much harder to get it to appear (it doesn’t matter what game I play or which place I edit). I just need to get my camera relatively close to the parts for it to be visible the most.

GPU: Gigabyte GeForce GTX 1660 SUPER GAMING OC 6GB


Appears and disappears as the camera is rotated across 90-degree intervals. Makes both vertical and horizontal lines:

Game link: Club Roblox 🦸 SUPERHERO! - Roblox


Glad others are experiencing this as I thought I was going crazy, this is happening to me at any game. It goes away if I lower my settings from 10.


I thought this was my computer dying because of how many bits of my keyboard have been dying recently, good to know it’s an issue with Roblox, not my monitor.

Guess I’ll just reset the flag until the bug gets fixed


Good to know. I was worried for my monitor, haha.

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This is in studio, as well as roblox. It appears to be only if the game is in future lighting. Haven’t tested the other lighting engines.

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Can confirm. Had this happen on multiple occasions recently when experimenting with lighting stuff.

And now seeing it in popular games as of today, they were not there yesterday, for me at least.

This has been happening to me for maybe a few days; however, only on max graphics. I thought I was going crazy or it was my monitor but changing my graphics from max to one level down got rid of it all together. I didn’t seem to notice it in Studio yesterday and it’s still not happening today, but I did notice it in a few games starting as much as four days ago. This was an issue a few months ago as well but it seemingly resolved itself until recently. Like I said I didn’t think much of it so I’m glad someone filed a bug report.


This is also happening to me. Is this aligned with a certain video driver issue, since only some people are having this issue?

Thank you all for pointing this out, the feature is temporarily off till we have a fix so gameplay and studio should be back to normal. Cheers!


i had a problem like that in roblox studio and bloxburg.

a round shadow thingy just appeared on my screen

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It’s caused by the new HBAO (Horizon Based Ambient Occlusion) addition.

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