Horizon Based Ambient Occasion (HBAO) Issues

Before you flag this for being in the wrong topic, please understand that I do not have access to Studio and Engine Bugs for some odd reason.

So Roblox seems to have quietly rolled out a new type of Ambient Occlusion, which came with a very noticeable issue. I opened a new template in studio, I immediately noticed a faint black horizontal line going across the screen.

It’s more noticeable at some angles.

I open a few extra places trying to see if it was still there and sure enough it was still there, and sure enough, it was.

Grass Terrain Template:

I opened 1 more place to make sure, and I noticed that the grass had a dark outline and objects noticeably different Ambient Occlusion.

If you look closely enough, you can see the line in both images.

I assume that this is an unintended side effect that is caused by the addition of HBAO and I don’t have any theories on how to solve this or why it’s happening.


I can confirm that many others are having this problem (discord). Although it is working fine for me and looks really nice, it may have something to do with people’s drivers/hardware.

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Happening to me too in games as well. It’s pretty distracting, as I can’t focus on making something while seeing that black bar.
Hopefully they fix it.

Nvidia is known to have driver issues which prevent the computer to run certain things properly (Ex: Sonic Generations mods) Ask the people having the issue if they have Nvidia graphics cards.

Situation Update: Roblox seems to have taken down HBAO and bought back the old one.

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Well from what I see it is a buffer error in roblox there is no way to fix it at the moment!

I still see HBAO and the weird line. Are we sure this is a Roblox problem or is it an NVIDIA problem as some have pointed out?

That’s odd. I’ve open multiple places in studio and HBAO doesn’t seem to be present, and I am on level 21 graphics in studio. Although you can just set the graphics level to 20 and the weird line and HBAO should be gone.

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