Dark Theme not working on Roblox website

Dark mode is not working on the website, and when the player attempts to change their site back to dark mode, they get met with the following error.

Other players have also mentioned themselves encountering the same bug.



This problem most likely seems to be related to this. Roblox is currently having API problems on multiple endpoints and it’s just a matter of time until engineers fix it.

dark machine :b:roke

But anyways yeah I’m getting this too. Caught me quite off guard and nearly blinded me since I have my lights off.

Attempting to change anything on the settings page will result in an error, but like @SimplyData said if ROBLOX is currently having API problems then engineers are most likely working on it.

This might be different, since that was well over 20 hours ago, and it is said to be fixed.

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It seems more like this is a bigger issue than engineers thought it is. The topic is still related to this since it’s the same error as before. It’s just a matter of time until engineers identify the issue, fix and monitor it.

Themes were disabled for a few minutes for maintenance. It should be up since 6 minutes ago, are you still experiencing the issue?


It works again, thanks for informing us.

Everything seems to be in perfect order, thanks.

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I can confirm that I have my precious dark theme back, thanks for letting us know!

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I can confirm everything seems to be fixed. Thanks!


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