Darker And Tinted Shadows

How do I make shadows darker and slightly tinted? I’ve seen shadows like this in lots of games, but i can’t figure out how to add them to my games—ive already searched the dev forum and found nothing.

Go To Lighting Then Properties Then Change It To Shadow Map.
Its in one of the drop down things I am not sure which one though


Lighting, change it to Shadow Map, shadow softness = 0
bringhtness = 5

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You can customize this in lighting, lower the brightness, and increase the shadow size. You can also turn off some shadows in the properties my de-selecting “Cast Shadow”

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Change ambient and outdoor ambient to the colour you like. This will not work if you have brightness at 0.
The outdoor ambient is the shadows of the sun while the ambient is shadows not casted by the sun.

For how to darken the shadows, I have no idea. Its either the option exists or it doesn’t.

Try the solution posted here, it worked for that person’s shadow/ambience issue: