Data Wipe suggestions needed

So, in our new game we’re having some datastore2 issues (save files being deleted), and we’re thinking of changing our entire save system to try to fix this issues. Now, here’s where the problem that resides: More people than expected have played our BETA version of the game, and have spent a pretty penny on dev-products; stuff that wouldn’t save IF we wipe all data. I’m unsure of the best way to wipe data without ruining the entire fan base, so I’ve come up with some ideas:

  1. Just completely ignore save files being deleted, as it doesn’t always happen
  2. Wipe ALL data, make new save system using just datastores and give players a “Beta tester” item to show we appreciate them playing

More suggestions and ideas would be appreciated!:


Try and fix the problems before abandoning ship. Try using #help-and-feedback:scripting-support or #help-and-feedback:code-review to get feedback on your systems.

If you do eventually decide to pull a switch-a-roo, make sure you migrate data over otherwise you may have some angry players.

If should be relatively easy to migrate data:
(1) Do they have an old save file?
(2) Do they have a new save file?

If (1) yes, but not (2) then create a save file based on their old data.

If (1) yes and (2) yes, you can easily merge the data (eg adding up currencies, merging tables, I’m sure you can figure it out)

As for the other cases, that’s just a part of a regular data system :wink:

Hope this helps. I’m free if you’d like some clarification or have further questions!

Forgot to mention, we’ve already tried to do this. We previously had the same problem with another system we were using, so we had to resort to the switch-a-roo, and the wait times were unbearable, especially with the masses of players joining - it ended up killing the game rating. That’s why I’m thinking of just playing it off as “we switched to full release so all your stuff is gunna be deleted and we’ll compensate you with something” type deal. I don’t know, it’s a tough situation we’ve been trying to work on for a while now.

If you’re using Datastore2, there’s probably something with your code as it usually works well. I suspect the issue here is technical debt. Mind opening a separate code review topic specifically about your datastore code?

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