DataStore requests giving 502 errors for newly started servers

Starting yesterday, we’ve been receiving this error for datastores in our game quite frequently:

502: API Services rejected request with error.
HTTP unknown error (HttpError: Timedout)

Some observations:

  • This seems to only be happening when a server has just recently started, and only for the first / first couple of requests.
  • If a player stays in the game (keeping the server alive) this error does not happen, and data loads normally for anyone who joins that server after the initial errors during startup.
  • If the request is retried, eventually it will succeed. It just takes a long time.

I can confirm we are seeing this as well on :GetAsync() calls on a datastore for one particular key.

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I can confirm that this has been happening for me too, I have been receiving a greater influx of 502 errors in my error logs

I can confirm as well. I was just about to create a post before I found this one. This has been happening to me once every few days for a couple weeks now.

This error is highly detrimental to my game as it prevents a user’s friends list from loading and it prevents them from entering their own created place because the ID of it is stored in a datastore. Players will leave and dislike the game as they’ll conclude that it doesn’t work.

We’ve been experiencing this recently in World // Zero which is a major problem because we teleport players to instances to play missions. These instances are new servers which would line up with this bug report.

We don’t track DataStore errors (yet) in this game, but the 502 error has definitely been happening at a greater rate.

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This error seems quite similar to one I’ve seen recently appearing here: HTTP Unknown Error (HttpError:SslConnectFail)

Maybe they’re related?

Are you still experiencing this issue?

This issue appears to be resolved for us.

We haven’t recieved any 502 errors since the start of the week. :smiley:

Seems not to be happening anymore.

On Wednesday night when releasing World // Zero Beta we encountered the 502 issue (along with servers running outdated versions…separate thread?)

This screenshot was taken in studio:

Notice the time between the first and last request is > 20s yet the API is still rejecting