DateOfYear/Date in Lighting

DateOfYear or Date can create amazing effects, such as it can make you able to get polar night where it is dark all the day and midnight sun where it is sun all the day in games, but in combination with GeographicLatitude and TimeOfDay.

With DateOfYear or Date, I will prefer Date as that in it’s name will set the whole date as well as the year too.
This can work like following:
if DateOfYear it can work like lighting.DateOfYear = “07.04”
or if Date it can work like lighting.Date = “07.04.2016”

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Nice idea but could use some better grammar and punctuation :wink:

I don’t know what you’re saying

I feel like this can already be achieved with some fancy scripting, but overall I dont think this is entirely necessary.


It’s probably not necessary, but I do agree that more lighting customisation is needed. Things like the exact location of the sun/moon in the sky (instead of using a system where you set the time of day and geographic latitude based on a lookvector) and the actual textures of the sun and moon.