[DAY 2] I am recreating and remastering FNAF 1 into ROBLOX and need your feedback on it

I am recreating FNAF 1 into roblox and remastering it.
I will post some free-roam gameplay once I script it, for now I just put some images to show everybody how it looks like, I am looking for genuine feedback on this.
I made the lighting and even have teasers of it.

The game is a one-time story game just like the original game.
Except it’s a 3d experience, with cutscenes, hidden lore revealed, and a few new mechanics.

I want your feedback on this :slight_smile:

I have started this project today and this is how far i"ve come:

I will start with the teasers.

First Teaser

2nd Teaser

3rd Teaser

4th Teaser

5th Teaser

Some unedited pictures:

Don’t worry, it gets more creepy during the night :slight_smile:


I spent all day today working on this and finally came up with a free-roam gameplay video.
Funny thing how upon recording I have discovered several few bugs that weren’t existent before, I am 100% sure now that it’s an issue with publishing the game. For example, the Shift-To-Run GUI works without a problem in Studio but inside ROBLOX, it barely works and it’s glitchy… I think it was an issue with exporting. But it will obviously be fixed along with every other little bug and glitch.

Without further ado, here’s the footage:

Note: i do not take credit for any of this. I want this to be a game for the community. I want this to be a game for Scott Cawthon, and all credit obviously goes to him for his awesome franchise.
The only things I take credit for is the assets I have added to the game.

Link to the game: A Knock At The Door - Roblox
Link to the group: Fazbear Entertainment - LLC - Roblox
Link to discord server:Fazbear Entertainment LLC


I want the game to have voice acting.


DAY 2: After hours the lights close and the unforgiveful and unforgetful night falls upon the poor cursed pizzeria and even the poorer person who has to stay inside during the night… you. Michael Af- Schmidt.

Wow, the game looks really good so far. Can’t wait for the full release! :slight_smile:

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Check out the other post I made!

And thank you so much!