De Daglander - Communications on Discord

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Communications on Discord

De Daglander has an own Discord server which is mainly used by our own staff team.
Because of many requests of people of a De Daglander Discord server, we decided to open our Discord server to everyone.

This doesn’t mean that our vision will change. Discord is only for 13+ people, but our target is everyone from 0 up to 123. We will only announce things via group shouts and our Community Engagement staff will talk with you on the group wall, in one of our games and at events hosted by them.

Our communication server will not replace our properties on Roblox and it never will. Our staff and executive team are focussed on our properties on Roblox and that won’t change.

The only things you can do in our Discord server in the role of a non-staff member are:
• Chat with others in text
• Get in touch with our staff by using our ticket system
We only accept links that direct to the Roblox site. Sending files (like images) isn’t allowed.
On this way we want to keep our chat on Discord as safe as possible.

You can find our communication server on the group page of De Daglander. Doesn’t it show up? That means you are under the age of 13. When you are under this age, you can’t use Discord as stated in their Terms of Service.

No worries! You don’t have to feel yourself locked out of the community. Only 2% of the community is active on Discord. That means that 98% of our community including our staff and executives is active on Roblox, the place where you and many others are!