DebrisService has stopped destroying instances

Within the last hour or so the DebrisService has stopped destroying instances in many live servers on Bee Swarm Simulator. I haven’t published an update today and I’ve never seen this before so I’m assuming this is being caused by an engine change. The only thing all the objects failing to be destroyed have in common is usage of the DebrisService.

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Oh thank god, can confirm. It is in fact DebrisService. I thought this was just me. I was so nervous lol.


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This is SEVERELY affecting my game. Ragdolls do not get removed, the lag is unbearable and it’s unresolvable without restarting servers constantly. The game is practically unplayable on low end devices with 600 players.


Can confirm, this needs to be fixed…

Make this critical


The critical rules suck, this annoyingly doesn’t apply to the guidelines and despite literally breaking a LOT of games, it’s not critical. Might want to ping some engineers, though, I’ve sent this post to a member of devrel who has passed it on which should speed it up hopefully.


If this breaks many games, it deserves a tag in my opinion.

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Support this thread.

Are there any messages in the developer console server log?


From my experience, no. That’s the first place I checked.

That thread is mostly regarding server issues, but a clarification on the rules for using the critical tag in general would be great.


There’s nothing in the server logs that I’ve seen. I also can’t seem to replicate this issue anymore, every server I join is no longer experiencing it.

Unless something was reverted/patched, it’s still likely there. It’s never 100% consistent. 3/6 users in my server experienced it, and I did not.

EDIT: relogging fixed it temporarily for two of the users, but it eventually came back. the third user never had the debris go away.


There’s nothing out of place other than the associated problems with Debris not functioning correctly.

I don’t doubt that it’s still happening in some servers and other games, but I haven’t seen it once in the 20 or so servers of my game that I’ve joined in the last 5 minutes. I was certainly experiencing it earlier, so I’m not sure what’s happened to the issue

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I’ve only witnessed it through reports, so I can’t confirm or deny it myself.

I guess I meant more so to be wary about it being “fixed” as the bug didn’t seem to be consistent to replicate (yet).

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we enabled an experimental feature around the time of the original post and it was subsequently reverted, it is possible that feature inadvertently caused the Debris service issue. The experimental feature is “sticky” for user sessions, so it would likely stay around as long as that player continued playing the same game, but should repair itself if they leave and re-join.


I’ll do a soft shutdown of my servers to force fix this, is it confirmed fixed before I do that?

do you send a remote event from the client to indicate which item(s) should be added to the debris service?

@SteadyOn we do not have a repro in-house so I can’t guarantee that it has been fixed.


I don’t, the parts are created server side and added to the DebrisService there