ImageLabels/ Buttons have a property called ImageColor3

Decals and perhaps Textures should also have something similar, and it’s extremely useful

[li]Not having to upload the same image with slight color variations over and over[/li]
[li]Can easily modify looks to team color/ customizable traits without resorting to a table/ key system to remember TextureId’s[/li]
[li]Less images to load/ store/ display to user[/li]
[li]Decals bend around meshes/ baseparts, so they’re more useful than SurfaceGui’s[/li]
[li]SurfaceGui’s glow, overlap any transparent block, and are more performance heavy than decals[/li]

[li]Extra property/ API clutter?[/li]

It could be argued that not everyone uses decals, and those that do might not mind since this kind of functionality has way too many practical uses. It’s certainly better than loading 100’s of separate different images.