Decrease scroll bar acceleration

I’m not sure if this is already a thing, but I think being able to turn down/off scroll bar acceleration when using ScrollingFrames would be nice. Trying to scroll with a scroll wheel on roblox is a pain because it will start just hopping around because of acceleration.


Are you talking about adding a property to allow developers to set the number of pixels the frame moves each time the mouse wheel snaps?

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Not initially what I was thinking, but that seems way more useful because you could script it to have custom acceleration if you wanted to.

You can literally blame me for this. Just go one wheel notch at a time at a decent rate. It’ll work.

Before it went a set number of pixels. I’ll find the thread with a gif.

Edit: Please Base The Scroll Amount In GUIs Differently

Basically, don’t go nuts with it. It’s trying to be predictive and it’s assuming you want to go farther based on the fact that your going nuts.

Technically we literally blame the other half of thegamer101 for this, @BadDeveloper. He coded the change and noticed it does indeed skip unintentionally, even if you’re not going crazy and just scrolling like you normally would a web page. (Check out my post on the linked thread to see comparisons) Ignore my nevermind on the bottom of it though. I can’t edit it off. d: