Delay between server to server

Raycast Suspention.rbxl (102.3 KB)

first test this please.
i made the jeep suspention by @x_o work in server.

the BodyThrusts working well but Trails and Welds working too fast.

raycast get distance from floor to wheels and check is Wheels hit the floor.
if wheels hit floor, BodyThrust and Trails, Welds start work.
BodyThrusts push the car upper
Trails leaves mark
Welds make wheels rise up.

because of server physics delay or effect or something, BodyThrusts work well but Trails and Welds working too fast.
= Enabling Trails and changing Weld.C0,C1 working too fast.
= before wheels hit floor, Wheels rise up and Trails start working.
= before wheels far away from floor, Wheels go down and Trails stop working.
that mean physics stuffs work well but visible stuffs works faster then server physics process.

yes… this topic is already i asked that not solved

but i brought that example file with codes.

anyway, i will delay the Trails and Welds with Delay()
so, i need the time to delay.
can you get what is the time and how to get time value?

What I’ve found is that time is constantly changing, and the number of time close to 0.15.
and it’s not related with ping

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