Delay in selecting objects in explorer with large script open

With a relatively large script open, selecting objects in the explorer window is insanely slow. This also applies to selecting anything else in Studio- options in Find All, focusing on the script window, double clicking on Scripts starts renaming rather than opening, etc.

In this video you can see I am selecting things just fine with the script tabbed out (open script tabs didn’t get captured) but as soon as I open my long script (around 1,000 lines) things begin to slow down.

This only starts to happen after I have had Studio open for a few hours, have not used Play Solo in this Studio session.

My Studio version is 0.442.3.409454 running in Windows 10 Pro v1909

Please provide a repro file that is reliable, or else a microprofiler dump + the beta features you have enabled. Does this happen with plugins and/or beta features disabled?

I can provide a reliable repro file privately to a Roblox engineer. Not able to get it to happen through any specific steps, it is just something that builds over time.

Before doing the following, you should double check you do not have v-sync / g-sync enabled; Studio does not support this, and this is an extremely common cause of script editor related slowness.

It looks like you skipped over half of my reply.

If you cannot provide a repro file right away but there is an alternative, please do it. Do not make engineers ask you for information, this is a massive waste of time for them and adds a lot of friction for them to even begin to investigate your problem. You should make this as easy as you can for them, that’s why we’ve written an entire requirements topic about this: Bug Report Requirements

Please check the microprofiler and if there is a clear impact on performance visible in the profiler, capture a microprofiler dump that you’ve verified contains a sample of the lag spike and upload it to your thread.

Please also answer the beta features / plugins questions in your topic, these can sometimes be very relevant to the issue.