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… delete me asap!!!


If there’s any questions, concerns etc feel free to shoot me a DM here on the DevForum or on discord @ Yeita#8354


Hopefully people do something better with it than I did over a year ago when I made it. I regret not using proper scripting practices at the time.


The game looks like an interesting resource. While I won’t be using the physical back end or similar for any of my projects, I noticed you have a nationality flag system, so I may find use of that/alter it slightly in the future, especially given the rate of localisation on my game.

Much appreciated.


Still functions and still works well. :ok_hand:

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UI is looking amazing, may I ask the software used to make it? Same for building.

UI was done by ChuckXZ. Couldn’t tell ya. Sorry. I think photoshop…?

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Here are the old thumbnail and icon for the game.8d330f9bfe4e4934b90d845c92144180

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it’s really nice of you to make something for the community, much appreciation.

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Thanks for posting it open-sourced. Its so much easier learning when you can see working code in action.

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I’m glad you are enjoying it! If you have any feedback let me know. :grin:

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Agreed! That’s how I learned!! :slight_smile: