Deleting Topics: Timeout Removal

Note: This is a continuation of my last post on this topic.

Devforum users can only post every I think 45 minutes. However, when a topic is deleted, the user must wait until they can post again to re-post their topic into the correct category. I think this timeout should be removed when someone posts into the wrong category, so that they can correct their mistake.

Do you agree? :confused:

You can just edit the category, why do you need to post again? There should be a pencil icon next to the title, click and change the category.


As Railworks said in your previous post

I think hard working people should post in the right place first and not rely on moderation.

There is no need for a user to post multiple times in less than an hour or so. There is a thing called google where you can search your answers as well as on the Dev Forum or other websites.

If you mess up, then I think next time you should consider double checking before posting anything.


A Devforum moderator may beat you to your topic, and it will be unlisted, archived, and closed. Thereโ€™s nothing you can really do at that point.

You should ask Discourse meta about this one, itโ€™s not something you can configure within Discourse, so not something Roblox would be able to fix.