Don't Delete Topics

Many users on the DevForum have had a post removed because it was in the wrong category. I see no need for he DevForum moderators to delete people’s hard work. Instead, I think incorrectly categorized topics should be kindly moved to the correct category, so that people can still read and reply to said topics. Does anyone agree?


I think hard working people should post in the right place first and not rely on moderation.


What about if some member tried to bypass the removal of creating topics in discussion? Just move it to discussion? Then, the removal of the feature to create a topic would be deemed useless. So no.

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IMO, posts should be deleted. You can always move the text over to the correct category.


They don’t delete them, you can still copy paste the content to the correct category.


Pretty sure this already happens unless it would circumvent post approval restrictions. Can you dm @Community_Sage some examples if you think otherwise? Thanks.


This is a head-scratcher for most of the part, but I think it has to be common sense for users to put it in the right category.

But I have to disagree on this because users can make mistakes by putting it into the wrong category and can’t change it, so they have to ask someone to delete it via messaging or simply just deleting them and then putting in into the right category.

Anyway, new users might make a small mistake and put in into the wrong category, while most users do put it into the right category. :flushed:

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I am a new DevForum user, and I have made this mistake before. It made me sad and a little bit angry that the mods took the “Delete this Topic” approach instead of politely moving it.

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They do that to everyone lol. If the mods silently removed it then the users wouldnt learn their mistakes and start creating random posts relying on the sages/PA to move it to the correct topic.


it doesn’t get deleted most of the time? the topics usually get moved manually by a staff member

Fair point. Perhaps they can do something like the “Three Strike” system and after the 3rd time in perhaps a longer time span than two months… I don’t know like three… Then they start removing topics.

I see where you’re coming from too, however the mods usually have a message when they close your topic, saying it was in the incorrect category. You can just copypaste like what rogchamp said in a different category. The solution you mentioned wouldnt be that necessary as members need to find the right topics on their own.

As has been put well by @buildthomas, this isn’t how things are meant to happen.

If your post is in the wrong category, it is generally moved, unless doing so would bypass the Post Approval process, or it is otherwise breaking the DevForum Rules.


Topics are either archived and sometimes unlisted if they’re not well suited for anywhere else, they’re inexcusably miscategorized, or they’re just a bad post. In other cases they’re typically (but not always) just moved to the correct category. Send the Community Sage group a message if something seems very wrong.


What might be happening is, the topic may be getting moved to a category the OP doesn’t have permission to view (i.e. Dev Discussion?)


The only categories not visible to new members in any capacity is:

  • #lounge (which a post is probably unlikely to be moved to)
  • or #moderation-review-requests (which is even more unlikely)

Not counting the ‘archive’ categories which are designed to function like post deletion…

Well, @railworks2 is right. It’s also same, new members can post in any category, then it will be kicked to Discussion, so a kind of bypass. I disagree with that, although some ‘workers’ of forum sometimes moves topics to good categories.

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The Developer Engagement Team will no longer be moving topics into a Regular+ section as they used to do. See:

Hey, you’re essentially saying that moderators delete hard work if they made a slight mistake, but it’s not always that case.

Moderators have been hired – if they work at Roblox – and have been trained, I’m not sure that they delete it because of a slight mistake, they usually delete it due to bypassing filters, posting the post as it is against the Forum Rules and Guidelines or doing it for a friend or payment, if they mistakenly delete the post – which they regularly do – they will revert it back with the Discourse undo delete feature.

ioeruea has left the chat. :dash:

Was half expecting this post to be ironic and deleted.

But on a serious note, Posts don’t actually get deleted. Usually a member of the community would just outline this and a contributor or sage would move it.

Posts only get removed when they are spam or break ToS