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Heya! My name is Denis, I don’t define myself a professional scripter,builder but on every script/build/animation i do my best and like to learn more and more, i’m in the forum since oct 2019 but i started scripting at least from 2 years, my english could be not perferct but i’ll try to communicate as smooth as possible.


Actually i’m working most on scripts than builds but i can also train and do them, for now i have made a:
Working Custom Character Loader
Working Level Loader
Working Door Randomizer, see this for showcase robloxapp-20200824-1647219.wmv (661,7 KB)

Here are some screenshots of my work

Still a WIP but looks fine

I know isn’t much but i love learning more and more everyday and not stopping on bugs/problems but always searching for a solution


Actually only by USD/EUR due to the fact that i don’t have premium


You can contact me here on the Developer Forum

Thanks for reading! :slight_smile:


@DenisxdX3 is truly amazing

As a co-worker going in to the game and seeing his progress on the builds just makes my day. He can build incredible things which always blow my mind.

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I also agree with Madden.
Awesome work, love the design, and does work fast. Thank you!

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