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:mortar_board: Promotion System

Below you’ll find the promotional system for all obtainable ranks within Dentiez!

  • Most of our promotions are earned through perseverance and dedication, and / or being noticed by staff in the HR department. Keep reading for more information on the promotional system.

Awaiting-Training > Dental Assistant / Dental Hygienist / Receptionist
In order to be promoted from Awaiting-Training to a low rank of your choice, you must first attend a training hosted by a General Manager or higher. You must train for the rank you are looking to obtain, (i.e. If you want to be promoted to Receptionist, during the training you must train to become a Receptionist). If you pass the training, you will then be promoted to the rank you trained for.

(Note: If you wish to change your rank after you’ve been promoted, you must attend another training and train for the rank you wish to change to)

Dental Assistant / Dental Hygienist / Receptionist > Lead Clinician / Lead Receptionist
To be promoted from Dental Assistant / Dental Hygienist to the Lead Clinician job title, you must be spotted by a General Manager committing to your role, being active, and working extremely hard. Another way you can be promoted is if a Manager sees you doing the above. Promotion recommendations from Supervisors will not and must not be taken into account. You must have been a Dental Assistant / Dental Hygienist for a maximum of three weeks in order to be promoted.
The above system also goes for promotions from Receptionist to Lead Receptionist.

Lead Clinician / Lead Receptionist > Supervisor
Promotions from Lead Clinician to Supervisor are made to be hard to obtain, as we do not want a huge influx of middle-ranked staff members moving onto a probationary high-rank role just like that. You must first have been a Lead Clinician / Lead Receptionist for three weeks. After this, you must write a short, but detailed answer to a question that will be given to you at random by a high-ranked staff member. There is no fixed question, therefore we prevent cheating, and also ensure that only literate staff members will be approved into the supervisor job role.

Supervisor > Manager
To be promoted from Supervisor to Manager, you must have been a Supervisor for three weeks. After this, you must be spotted by a high-ranked staff member, and approved to become a Manager by the Staff Director. Promotions from Supervisor to Manager may only be approved by the Staff Director. Except in cases where the Staff Director proves to have a conflict of interest, or if the Staff Director is on leave, and not currently active.

Manager > General Manager
In order to become a General Manager, you must first have been a Manager for exactly four weeks. You must then be recommended to the Staff Director fulfilling your job tasks to your best abilities. The executive board will then assess you on three things:

  • Your activity
  • Your reputation within the group
  • The amount of moderations/staff warnings you’ve had in the past, and their reasons.

If you the board then deems that you’ve passed the above assessment, a vote will be casted amongst the board on whether you should be promoted to General Manager or not.

Directorial Positions
All directorial promotions are handpicked by the Executive Director, Chief Operational Officer, and Chief Executive Officer collectively.

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