[DEPREACTED]Open Source OTS Gun System

Tutorial Soon, this model won’t be supported.

Alternatives OP OTS Gun System

I have made this gun system a while back. I never used it so I am deciding to open source it. Keep in mind I made this a while back when I had bad coding experience so the system could be a bit bad or not super optimized. I might make a new one but I am busy with lots of things.

This system features:

  • R6 and R15 support
  • Gun Editor
  • Lots of Customizability
  • Shotguns
  • Scopes
  • Camera Shake
  • Different Reload Types
  • Semi-Auto, Burst, Full-Auto
  • Bullet Drop
  • Lots of VFX
  • And More

Here is a showcase video: https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/991562769453289613/1087025686369288234/2023-03-19_14-47-40.mp4

Here is the system itself:
System.rbxm (644.9 KB)

There will be bugs. I will fix them soon.


Animations: Animations.rbxm (285.8 KB)


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tks,bro, can you add reload camera shake, like cod.


The showcase video does not work unfortunately!


Hi, I think you are missing the uh animate thing in startercharacterscripts, since uh there is an error that has to deal with the run animation.


vid works great, it downloads to ur pc as a mp4

But, I did all of the animation changes , changed them to my ids , but it deletes them when it runs…
Has anyone gotten this to work, after they did the animation to your id, changes?

My ids are here before I play…

When I hit Play , the contents of the folder are gone…

If you check console, it should say something about a string value and run.

I think this is because there is supposed to be a custom animate script, and I think Alternative forgot to put that in. You can try to fix or implement that, but I tried and I couldn’t get it to work.

You can try to get Alternative to fix this, or just wait for him to do so.