Open Source OTS Gun System

Alternatives OP OTS Gun System

I have made this gun system a while back. I never used it so I am deciding to open source it. Keep in mind I made this a while back when I had bad coding experience so the system could be a bit bad or not super optimized. I might make a new one but I am busy with lots of things.

This system features:

  • R6 and R15 support
  • Gun Editor
  • Lots of Customizability
  • Shotguns
  • Scopes
  • Camera Shake
  • Different Reload Types
  • Semi-Auto, Burst, Full-Auto
  • Bullet Drop
  • Lots of VFX
  • And More

Here is a showcase video:

Here is the system itself:
System.rbxm (644.9 KB)

There will be bugs. I will fix them soon.


Animations: Animations.rbxm (285.8 KB)


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tks,bro, can you add reload camera shake, like cod.

The showcase video does not work unfortunately!