Deprecate Game Passes and Developer Products and Add "Product"

As a Roblox developer, it is currently too frustrating to work with Game Passes and Developer Products.

Currently, if Roblox developers want to sell products to their users, they need to create a Game Pass or a Developer Product.

With Roblox’s new goals for the Metaverse and Experiences, I feel like Game Passes and Developer Products are unclear and hurt the future of Experiences on Roblox. The problem I see is that both of these are very similar in functionality, with only slight differences. Those differences being that one is for a one-time purchase and the other can be purchased multiple times. There are other differences, but I think they are insignificant. The main difference is very minor and I think it would make more sense just to have one “Product” that has more configurable options to choose between one-time purchase or repurchasable.

As a Roblox developer, I would like to rely more on my Experience to prompt users to purchase a product. In my experience, I have a lot of control over the design, the implementation, the UX, and anything else that goes into the process of prompting a user to purchase a product. In an Experience, the user does not have to see or understand the difference between a Game Pass and a Developer Product, so I think that makes both of these just one single “Product” clarifies this a lot more.

Even the Roblox Developer Hub seems to interchangeably confuse these two. Developer Products are explained as something that is for in-game (in-Experience) purchases, but Game Passes can be purchased in an Experience too. There are so many cross-over points.

If Roblox were to fix this, my experience as Roblox developer would be improved because the “Product” which I would sell would be more clear and versatile.

Side note: This is not meant to be a troll post. I genuinely think that these two separate entities have odd separation points, and I think it would be beneficial to make one type of Product with more configurable options.


The fact that game passes show up on the website under the Store tab is an extremely significant difference. And the difference between a one-time purchase and a “repurchasable” item is not an “odd separation point”, it’s 1 vs infinity.

Also, currently you can limit developer purchases by either not calling PromptProductPurchase if they’ve already bought it or rejecting the purchase within ProcessReceipt. It sounds like you just don’t like gamepasses, so just pretend they don’t exist, they can’t hurt you if you don’t use them. There may be a better system than what’s in place, but I don’t think you described it.

Personally, I like relying on roblox-enforced one-time purchases and being able to display them on the store page. If you don’t like them, you don’t have to use them.