[Deprecated] KasCode Player List! A Custom Minimalistic Player List!

Deprecated resource

The coding styles used in this resource are outdated and unreliable. I will no longer update/push fixes to this resource.

Hello Devforum community!

Here I present to you the KasCode Player List! With features like:

  • Minimalistic design with smooth animations
  • Scrolling frames! Max size: 150x300 px
  • Auto-setup! (or very easy manual setup)
  • Mini player preview window
  • Player-to-player private messaging (with text filtering!)
  • Friend/unfriend prompt options

See it in action for yourself here: The KasCode Bar!

Add it to your game via the toolbox or here!

This also wraps any unstable services in pcalls, such as the friends service and the text filtering service (which doesn’t show the message if it fails)

Please report any bugs you found or features you would like! The player list is still new, and not everything is tested to the fullest extent!

Some images of the player list:


Player3 messaging Player1 in a server in Studio:
Playerlist Img Playerlist Img 2

The friends button shows Error! in red because Studio HTTP requests are disabled on my place.

Don’t trust the auto-setup? Don’t worry, I kind of don’t either! Manual setup instructions are included in the model!


Lovely! Many people would use this, I feel.


I personally will not use this asset for that reason. Not only can the asset get banned, but the users may be banned as well. (Like what happened with the UTG model)


While, I haven’t actually put it into any game to test, I’ve looked at the code and there is a filter in the “SETUP INSTRUCTIONS” script. The function to look for is getFilteredMessage on line 51 of the model.It uses the :GetChatForUserAsync(). Unless the code is just broekn somewhere, try testing it in a published game with a friend/alt account because you might not be able to see the filtered message on client side if you are the sender. Again, I haven’t tested this myself, but I looked at the code.

Hmmm, I tested it out in roblox studio, and there was no filter. I’ll see again.

Yeah, just try publishing it to roblox then test with someone.

Can you add some screenshots? ;

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My own custom chat system suffers from this issue.
Whilst I haven’t actually checked today, I’m 90% sure I have filtering implemented.
I suspect it is one of Studio’s quirks and will only work on a published game, not a local server.

CC: @CyroStorms

Studio will not filter messages (Roblox doesn’t want to expose the filter API). You have to try it in a live game.


The filter doesn’t work? I’ll send the source code for how it filters, I’m really surprised it doesn’t work… I’ll take it off-sale until I fix it!

Code with filtering
local replicatedStorage = game:GetService("ReplicatedStorage")
local textService = game:GetService("TextService")
local event

local function getTextObject(msg, playerId)
	local textObject
	local success, errorMessage = pcall(function()
		textObject = textService:FilterStringAsync(msg, playerId)
	if success then
		return textObject
		warn("Error filtering pm FROM client-- "..msg.." {:} "..errorMessage)
	return false

local function getFilteredMessage(txtObject, toPlayerId)
	local filteredMsg
	local success, errorMessage = pcall(function()
		filteredMsg = txtObject:GetChatForUserAsync(toPlayerId)
	if success then
		return filteredMsg
		warn("Error filtering pm TO client-- "..errorMessage)
	return "{!} Filtering Error {!}"

if replicatedStorage:FindFirstChild("kPlayerlistMessage") then
	-- do nothing	
	local newEvent = Instance.new("RemoteEvent", replicatedStorage)
	newEvent.Name = "kPlayerlistMessage"
	event = newEvent
	print("KasCode Playerlist Messaging event created")

event.OnServerEvent:Connect(function(player, targetPlayer, message)
	local textObject = getTextObject(message, player.UserId)
	local filteredMessage = getFilteredMessage(textObject, targetPlayer.UserId)
	event:FireClient(targetPlayer, filteredMessage, player.Name)

Referring to @AwakenedElemental’s issues with the messages filter, I’ve tested it to make sure it works. Here are the results after sending messages to myself (13+ account).

Original messages (in order from left to right): “Give me your credit card number now”, “Go to bux.gg for free robux!”, “Where do you live?
image image image

I’ve also set up the code so that if the filter fails for some reason, it’s wrapped in a pcall, and should instead replace the message with “{!} Filtering Error {!}” in red text.

Please note that this has not been tested yet with <13 accounts, but in most cases if 13+ accounts get filtered text then <13 accounts will also be filtered.


Update v1.4 on the 26th of January!

Fixed a major issue where the player label doesn’t work when a new player joins.

Roblox Studio by default, doesn’t have message filtering.


Recently fixed a possible issue where the label doesn’t work when a new player joins. This fix is not live yet, and will be released when more testing is finished!

Isn’t this the API for filtering?

I think what they mean is Roblox doesn’t want to show the real source code for the filtering, so that people can’t find ways to bypass.

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No, that’s the engine API. I’m talking about the web API.


So uuhhhh Roblox recently made an update with Display Names which basically completely ruins my player list and sort of makes it unfunctional until I fix it, so expect an update which compensates for this questionable update!

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Update v1.5 on the 7th of March 2021!

Should now be compatible with the upcoming Display Names update by Roblox.
Also added Auto-setup!

Coming next (hopefully): Scrolling frame and maybe viewPort frames instead of player thumbnail!

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Update v1.6 on the 10th of March 2021!

Made the whole thing a scrolling frame! Maximum size on the screen: 150x300 px!
Also cleaned up some code for readability.

Coming next: viewPort frames and (maybe perhaps possibly no promises) customizable scaling! (my god, will these be hard to implement)