[DEPRECATED]: Remastered 2015 Backpack Gui

This model has been deprecated, use satchel instead: RyanLua/Satchel: A modern alternative to Roblox’s default backpack. Satchel aims to be more customizable and easier to use than the default backpack while still having a “vanilla” feel. (github.com)

It took me 20 hours to edit this :frowning:
Custom Default Backpack - Roblox


  • Mobile users now have 5 slots
  • Open/Close button is at the Topbar
  • Unlock mouse automatically when opened the backpack in first person
  • Backpack will closed automatically when the menu is opened


A Bindable Event in ServerStorage will be created on clientside:
Screenshot 2021-07-25 121147
Please reply if you have some bugs


Could you provide some images + the code uploaded to a GitHub repository so that people can preview your work without having to open Studio and setup the script/module?


Sorry I didn’t use GitHub I’m providing videos rn but its slow


showing some screenshots or video would be better

My wi-fi had a terrible connection maybe tomorrow I send it

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It appears some tools without TextureIds’ names don’t show.

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It still works fine, maybe the image not loading?

The ones not loading are tools without TextureIds. Their names are supposed to show instead.


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So just the normal backpack? There’s nothing “remastered” about this, and only the mobile slots improvement is actually useful

This is also not significant due to its lack of “features”

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Ik I used to make 2015 roblox revival…

Is there a way to customize the appearance of the backpack

you can do this by editing the frame coloring in the script, very basic.

this script is pretty much useless though @thebrickplanetboy

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Many people are calling this useless but this actually saved me lol.
I needed something like this to be able to save and customize hotbars in my game! Thank you so much!
For some reason core gui locks you from even referencing the toolnames in the hotbar but this is not apart of the core GUI so I can freely do so now. Thank you! Life saver!


I thought It was gonna be useless lol

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Yup, saved me too! I used this on an anticheat that detects gui changes - prevents people from typing in the inventory search ui


This thing is also very useful to me, Thank you so much for creating it!

This thing is very useful for my admin game and I have been using it for a while. Thank you and have a great day


I thought my model will going to be useless oh well I just gonna leave it here

actually he sent video but it is xmv and it cannot be embed.

No it’s not useless at all, it may lack features but that doesn’t stop me from editing it myself tysm for it

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