Deprecating the Avatar Importer

Hello Creators,

We have decided to focus our efforts solely on improving the 3D importer and will be deprecating the Avatar Importer on July 1st.

Over the past few years, we have been building and improving the 3D Importer plugin, including adding support for gLTF files, integrating with Avatar Setup, and too many bug fixes to list in one post. We believe the 3D importer can do everything the Avatar Importer could do, and more. That said, if there is something we missed, please let us know in the comments!


To migrate to using the 3D importer from the Avatar Importer, click Import 3D and open your mesh in the importer. The importer can detect whether a mesh is R15 or custom, but you can also choose the Rig Type and Rig Scale manually. To do this, open Rig General and configure the settings as follows for each avatar option:

You can save these as presets by making your change, clicking the configuration menu in the top right, and then Save as new. You can then have this preset load automatically when the importer opens by clicking the same menu and then Set as default.

In the meantime, we welcome your feedback, questions, and comments.

Happy modeling!


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Does this mean that AvatarImporter.rbxm will be renamed to something like 3D_Importer.rbxm as well?

Once, I was wondering, in which file the 3D Importer may be. Then figured out, that the entire Plugin is inside AvatarImporter.rbxm


Will the polygon limit ever increase to 20k?

And will there ever be support for glueing a model’s props to the model itself that is doing an animation? (to be specific, Welling a prop to an animating model does not work if the models are different sizes ‘like welding a sword to a human body’s hand that is part of the entire 1 mesh of the human body because it is a custom rig, instead of an r15 rig where it is only welded to the human hand as the hand is a separate part’ and only causes issues, is there other ways?)


The AvatarImporter.rbxm will stick around for a bit just in case we need to pull back on the deprecation, but eventually it will no longer be shipped with Studio. The Asset Importer is a separate plugin.


Oh, I confused something. I never extracted the newer version and ended up landing in the old one, because they used the same Strings.


I wanted to figure out if there was a way, for whatever handles Animations when Importing a 3D File. Instead of it uploading all the Animations in my inventory, to have the choice to insert the Sequences somewhere.

Because, having Animations getting uploaded, even when I checked off “Upload as Model”, is unexpected.

But the Plugin has the ability to list me the Animations next to Checkboxes before it uploads them when checked. So, I believe, that maybe it has the Animations already. But I don’t know which Method the Plugin is using.


This thing that uploads all the animations at once is better, compared the one where I have to go to the AnimationClipEditor and, export & import them 1 by 1 as FBX.


Re: Polygon limit
@itsFrank17 's write up here is a good summary: 3D Importer Support for glTF Files [Beta] - #15 by itsFrank17

TL;DR: We’re Looking Into It, but there are also a lot of tricky catch-22s to handle. Going above 20k triangles ends up being a lot to ask out of phones that don’t have native support to divide two numbers, so we have to be careful with the way we handle this issue because we want to continue to support people with lower-end devices. Unfortunately, I’m not part of the team investigating this issue and it goes far deeper than importing, so I can’t give great answers as to time lines other than it’s an extremely well-known issue.

Re: Glueing a model’s props to the model itself
Could you speak more to this issue? What’s the end result you’re looking for?


i feel like this change was needed. the new importer looks really sick and way more intuitive :+1:

p.s. - will meshpart collisions ever be completely fixed? They’re still a bit inaccurate in some parts even with the precise mesh collision fidelity and I don’t want to manually create map hitboxes with individual parts :frowning:


To not import an animation, you can uncheck this node in the import tree. To rebind an animation to another model, right now, I think the best way to accomplish this is through the Animation Clip Editor > Import FBX Animation, which allows you , but we’re also looking to support it in the importer (and allow gLTF animations to be imported the same way!!)

Thank you so much for brining it up! Please let us know if there’s any other workflow issues!


Why remove .RBXM? I still use it with other developers to bring over objects I uploaded through dev teams


What kind of bugs are you seeing? I can forward it to our physics team (but also if you create a bug report it will go through a workflow that lets us track it better and get back to you, individually!)


It was but a matter of time. It’s not like you didn’t warn us.


Finally! :pray:

Hopefully this means the importer will be polished more.


Hey in the matter of importing models
can we please get an update on the exporting tools?
the reason being that the exporter tools are becoming more and more unusable with every new major feature update.
This also makes it quite difficult to work with programs like blender and maya which makes you need to reconstruct everything from scratch.


Will the polygon limit ever increase to 20k?

Interpreting your question directly, in the 3D importer, the polygon limit already is 20k! And that also includes avatar imports.

Note that this polygon limit is per individual mesh, so if your avatar has 15 parts, they can all individually be 20k triangles for a total of 300k triangles (caution: the performance may be pretty bad).

If your question was about raising the limit above 20k, then see the post @iridiumegg linked to above.


I actually already uploaded my avatars through the 3D Importer, I think it is amazing that it will be refined and updated! It’s a great way to detect errors as the video says, and the 3D Importer allows me to view my model before importing it which is really just awesome. However, I never used Avatar Importer before; but I’m assuming there won’t be any missing features after migration. Cool update though. :cool:


this doesn’t have anything to do with .rbxm files being removed, basically roblox’s plugins are contained in a .rbxm file as well and the one used for this will stop being shipped with studio as it’s deprecated and being phased out


Thanks for the heads up and for continuing to make the 3D importer better! Also appreciate you guys answering people’s questions in the replies, it’s always really great to see the interactivity.


First I just want to say thank you for the reply, this is one of those questions I have asked in the community for a long time to no avail.
For the “gluing a model’s props to the model itself,” Here is a visual video of me wielding the props to the model, expecting the props to move with the animating mesh, but instead they do not move.
robloxapp-20240529-2001393.wmv (3.3 MB)

When I try wielding the headband to the character’s body, the headband does not remain on the face and goes to 0,0,0 of the body, and since there’s no scroller I can’t tell the c frame location it originally was.
robloxapp-20240529-2040203.wmv (2.1 MB)


That is another million dollar question I have had for a long time I would also like to add: I have several models that I would like to separate into 15 parts but they’re 1 part instead (1 mesh), how does one go about this? “Converting a humanoid mesh into r15”