Depth Of Field Has A Major Rendering Bug

Why does it look like this?
Edit: It is Depth Of Field.


It has dots and is inaccurate at rendering for some reason.


Is it Testing (playing) view or Studio view? Maybe try restarting Studio after saving your changes. If it doesn’t fix it, maybe try to reinstall Roblox Studio.
I know these advises are trash but I can’t think of something else to do as I’ve never seen this in my entire life.

I notice when I change studio’s graphics settings to lower it fixes, but I want to edit with high graphics.

So the highest graphics are the ones causing it?
It may be dumb but you can try changing the lighting technology just to see if it goes away.
In my opinion, I don’t think it’s a setting causing it. Maybe try to see for any option regarding Studio Renderer, such as if you have any “low graphics mode” on, but I don’t even think there is an option for this. I would simply recommend to restart it, and maybe even reinstalling Studio so it clears everything that may be causing it.

Oh wait its a weird bug with depth of field effect!

You’re right I just found this topic. I’m glad you could solve it. Have a great development after fixing that!

Thanks but I use depth of field but right here it has dots everywhere and is buggy for some reason.

Try changing the State settings. After checking by myself, the dots don’t seem to appear. Maybe some Lighting settings are in conflict with it? I’ll try to reproduce it by myself in a blank place and keep you updated if I successfully remake the dots.

Here is a topic I found but that could be useless for this issue as it looks like an ImageLabel or something in 2d.
It’s weird because when you see here :
The “dots” stop directly, like it it was an Image messing up with the depth of field.
Can you try changing some settings in the Depth of Field object to see if there is any changes?
Also, is this “dots frame” moving (with the depth of field) when you move or rotate the camera?

I’m experiencing a similar issue with DepthOfField, but in my case, the only affected areas are partially transparent objects, as shown below. The bug also occurs exclusively inside Roblox Studio. It would be a huge help if anyone could provide a solution.


This might be also issued with Vulkan API rendering, but not sure.

I was trying out engine’s APIs on Studio once I came up with the same DOF freaky bug on Vulkan, so I better leave rendering mode to DirectX for the best (probably Vulkan here is not friendly with NVidia GPUs, since it was made for AMD).

If it is issued with API rendering mode somehow, try switch Graphics Mode to something different or leave it to Auto.