Descriptify - Identify, Separate, or Delete Scripts From Models

The Toolbox can be a great resource for aspiring developers of Roblox, but also spawns a plethora of virus creators and trolls who take advantage of new developers.

Let’s take a look at this beautiful tree uploaded by picksettle91:

Models like these seem so innocent, but are littered with malicious scripts. Using Descriptify, it’s quite easy to find these:

This model is pretty basic and the Scripts can be found manually; think of larger models with lots of descendants.

As shown in the video above, you can also quarantine Scripts (moves them to ServerStorage.Quarantined), or you can delete the Scripts altogether to remove them from your game.

Descriptify is NOT an anti-virus, rather a tool to remove Scripts from models that shouldn’t have any in the first place.

Descriptify: Descriptify - Roblox
Non-Gui Version: Descriptify (No Gui) - Roblox


This seems very helpful for those that may use FMs in their game. Good job and I hope people find it useful.

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Wow this is pretty nifty, This is pretty useful for the cafes and home stores that use free models but anyways I’m a programmer meaning I suck at building and sometimes end up using free models just for small projects, Thanks a lot for this!

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Cool, but can’t you already do this via the explorer. On the top of it there is a search game box. Just type in “Script” and you will get all the scripts in your game (and the model) being shown to you without anything else.