Toolbox Model Script Checker

Are you a developer who shamelessly uses free-models such as myself? If so, then this might be for you.

I made a simple plugin that auto-selects the scripts of any free-models you insert into your game via the Toolbox. It searches for free-models inserted into Workspace and StarterPack, then uses the Selection service to select them.

Q:Why would this ever be useful?” an unseasoned free-modeler may ask themselves
A: This could potentially help you find any unwanted scripts in your free-models, such as backdoors and viruses.

Here it is in action, finding a backdoor in an animation rig:

If you want this plugin, and you’re the type to blindly trust anyone, you can install it directly here:
Toolbox Script Checker - Roblox


The plugin checks for models inserted via the Toolbox by checking for the existence of an object named “ToolboxTemporaryInsertModel” during the insertion of a free-model. Since I cannot find this documented anywhere, I’m assuming this is a hack that is subject to change at any time - which can cause unexpected behavior if Roblox ever decides to change this. Use at your own expense.

If you want access to the source code to modify it, or install as a local plugin (instructions included), you can take for free it here:
ToolboxScriptChecker.lua - Roblox

If you want a plugin that checks models for unwanted scripts, but on any model you wish to select, check this out:
Descriptify - Identify, Separate, or Delete Scripts From Models - Resources / Community Resources - DevForum | Roblox


Hey the plugin is not able to get it

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Sorry about that, it should be available now!